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Who you gonna call... Ghost Busters

So last year when Brandon and I came to New York for New Years he wanted to go see the Ghost Buster Fire Station... we found it but by the time we did it was dark and the pictures didn't turn out well because of the motion blur.  So Bright and early in the Morning we headed up North Moore Street in lower Manhatten to get a nice, crisp photo for Brandon!  He was so ecstatic... and wanted to do more touristy things since he figured it would be a while til he came back to NYC for a while.

So we headed down to Wall Street so he could just say he was there.  Well, we got out of the train stop and I saw the most beautiful building of my life.  It was Tiffany's.

Me infront of the Ghost Busters fire station in lower manhatten
  I went to Tiffany's in Palm Springs in 2006 and bought myself a ring and always wanted to buy the matching bracelet---I like to buy from stores rather than from online... so I dragged Brandon in there---who was none too happy.  There we were greated by a sales woman named Jean... she was very nice and personable and had a great story of living in many places; including Florida which was our next stop on our mini vacation tour!   So we had a lot to talk about... almost too much.  But I found the bracelet to match my ring (which was a style called the love knot because it resembles a knot in the shape of a heart).  I looked at the 3 bracelets... one was the love knot and the other 2 looked similar to it but the band was wider... so I got that one because it looks nicer, but the matching ring to it didn't look right as a ring.
The ghost buster emblum
  So you win some you lose some; right?  But speaking of losing... this story of glitz and glamour ends tragically!  Right now as I write this it is March 2nd... and on Sunday I wore the ring and bracelet to work and when I come home I always take them off next to my watch... well, Tuesday I couldn't find my jewelry (I found out from a woman at work that she saw them on me on Monday---so I was wearing it then).  But I searched everywhere... my bathroom, my car, my living room, my closet... everywhere!  It is nowhere... I'm very sad and I miss my nice, basic, silver jewelry because everything else is a dressier gold!  Sigh... But I pray that it turns up somewhere... Ho Hum.

But while I was looking at the jewelry and trying things on that I couldn't afford a nice man told Brandon that there are NBA trophy's down stairs locked up.

I became a pretty pretty princess inside Tiffany's... (I got a new bracelet)
  He was very happy that there was something "manly" to do!  But if you every want to see some jewerly that is art you should head up to the Tiffany store on 5th Avenue.  It's a couple story building... on the main floor is the basic I want to get married or buy something for my sweetie because I messed up jewels.  But upstairs there are works from artists such as Frank Gehry (an architect), Elsa Peretti (an italian jewelry designer) and Palomo Picasso (a French/Spanish fashion designer).  They are fabulous and like a free Museum show! 

Brandon and I left and headed up to Bleeker Street to grab some grub with Amanda http://www.travbuddy.com/Amanda and her friends at RARE.  Amanda saw my review from my trip to NYC in August 2007 and thought the food looked fabulous!  It was great talking to people from all around the world.

No we didn't have breakfast at tiffany's =*(
Getting their take on what they were doing in New York and Brandon and I found out that the Body's Exhibit was there!!!  I was excited about that and so was Brandon.  See I moved to Minneapolis in September the bodies exhibit just left here... and then went to Pittsburgh... it's like we did a city swap.  And Brandon wanted to go see it too... and he went to the beach in Virginia or South Carolina or one of those Beachy States with his exgirlfriend during the Summer and it was there but she didn't want to go.  So we thought about tagging a long but decided that since the sun was out at the time... it was noonish... that we were going to do the things that we wanted to see that needed sun then go to the museum at night.

So we parted ways with the group and headed out!

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Who you gonna call... Ghost Busters
Who you gonna call... Ghost Busters
Me infront of the Ghost Busters fi…
Me infront of the Ghost Busters f…
The ghost buster emblum
The ghost buster emblum
I became a pretty pretty princess …
I became a pretty pretty princess…
No we didnt have breakfast at tif…
No we didn't have breakfast at ti…
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