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Brandon and I got up early for our flight; well not too early... I didn't know what was going on so I scheduled a 10:30AM flight out because if Ronnie could drive me to the airport I didn't want to be an inconvenience and if she couldn't I didn't want to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to make the train and the bus transfer.  regardless Brandon and I had to walk to the train, and then ride all the way up into Queens and xfer to the M60... the ride up was pretty enjoyable.... even though we didn't get much sleep the night before. 

So let's go back in time to last night... I packed 2 suit cases (the small roller ones so I could take it on the plane with me and not have to worry about checking baggage) into my trunk of my car plus one large (I do mean large...like I could fit a family inside of it) tote bag for some over flow of accessories (I put my quart size bag of makeup and tooth paste in there for easier access through security) and to bring stuff back with me.  Well, I took my NYC suit case to the car, brought out my Orlando suit case and the large tote bag.  I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie and brandon's sitting on the floor looking totally hopeless.  He can't figure out what to do with his extra shoes 'n at.  So he keeps handing stuff to me to put in my large tote bag.

So we finally head to bed and wake up in the morning.... as we're rolling our suitcases down Argyle Street in Brooklyn to head towards the Q train Brandon starts up the "You know how I know you're gay" game... I forget what he said but I finally had a good one to get back at him with...after failing misserably the last couple of rounds. 

Me: you know how i know you're gay

Brandon: no... how

Me: Because my accessory bag has more of your accessories in it than mine!

Oh... snap... he was impressed because usually in the morning I'm not that fast.

We get on the plane... and we were able to have seats right next to each other....which was amazing.  See when I didn't know if he was coming I ordered my plane ticket... I was excited because I got seat 13A. It's not the front of the plane so I had somewhere to put my tote with stuff to do in it under my seat, it wasn't over the wing so I could see what was going on and it wasn't the back of the plane so I was able to get off in a timely manner... but 2 weeks lbefore the trip Brandon said he wanted to come and ordered his ticket and 13B was open on the same flight! (we actually got the same exact seats coming back too!)

But being the nice friend I am I let him sit in the window seat since he's only been on a plane 3 times (and sadly enough all 3 times were to orlando...but funnily enough he departed each time from a different city; Pittsburgh, NYC and Baltimore).  We had a great flight and some great chats....

Once we got to Orlando I went down to get our rental car.  We get up to the stand where the guy greated us happily and then asked me if I wanted to do an upgrade to a convertable mustang for an extra $30... I looked at brandon and my eyes got wide eyed... ok, a chevy aveo or a mustang for 3 days in Orlando... this was a no brainer!  Of course... I said... I didn't really put this into consideration either until I went to get the car and all I saw were convertables on the lot... of course people in the south think that 68 degrees F is cold...but for us northern folks ---where it was negative 14degrees F --- I was excited at the prospect of my hair blowing in the wind!  That's 75 degrees warmer than I'm used to. 

We hop in the car, put the top down and as I'm driving down the spirally exit ramp from the parking garage and call shannon to tell her we're on our way.  See I just got a new blue tooth headset... the Jawbone... which from talking to a customer who has it he loved it saying he can even talk to people while he's driving in his convertable on the highway.  I don't know if mine is defective or if he has some super powered one but driving down the ramp going no faster than 15 miles per hour Shannon kept saying all she could hear is wind.... sigh...

Driving there we saw this building shaped like an ice cream cone!!  It looked like such splendor... I almost turned right into the parking lot to see what was up with it.  The place was called Twistee Treat... brandon said we should go get situated at Shannons and then we could go back for some ice cream later... that we had 3 days to grab some! Here's my review on it (http://www.travbuddy.com/Twistee-Treat-v191039)

Once we got to shannons house we took it easy the rest of the night.  She cooked us dinner and we all watched "I now pronounce you chuck and larry".... which was hilarious.  The only problem is shannons heat was set at like 86 degrees!!!  Brandon asked for a fan and it was blowing on us through out the movie... which in the middle of the movie my eyes started watering, my nose started running, and my throat started scratching.  I didn't think anything of it!

Shannon has a much bigger house than my friend in NYC so instead of me on a futon and brandon on a couch cramped in the living room I got to stay in the guest room and Brandon got to stay in their exercise room on a blow up mattress... so it was nice to be in some comfort for a night!

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photo by: Reephboy