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So last night I set my alarm to go off really early (our plane was for 7:05 and I wanted to be at the airport no later than 5:30)...well, needless to say the time I got out of bed was 5:30AM because i couldn't fall asleep last night... the really scratch throat is gone but I feel very light headed.  I go and drag brandon out of bed... eric is sitting in the living room eating cereal... and I say a quick goodbye to Shannon and Eric takes us to the airport on his way to work!

Everything was fine and we even got there early enough (I had about 10 minutes to do this) to go to the bathroom and grab a drink and some more throat lozenges.  Well, at this point Brandon wasn't feeling too hot either.  He is starting to feel nauseous...describing the same symptoms Shannon had the night before.  We both pass out on the plane and get into Laguardia Airport in NYC where Aaron was picking us up and taking us to our car.

We get back into brookyn and head off in my little civic to head to my friend Tammy's house in Lancaster, PA.  I type in her address into the GPS and start driving off.  After I get out of Staten Island I look at my GPS and it says the battery is dying, even though it's plugged into the DC adaptor in my car. I pull over and brandon asks what's wrong.  I pointed out the dying battery and are very confused. I pull out the adaptor and the tip is broken off which is why it's not charging. I look down and into the cigarette lighter area and see nothing... I plug in my cell phone charger... it works... but the GPS one looks like the tip broke off in the mustang.  So we write down the directions and I had them to brandon... I told him he had to be the  copilot.  Well, as we were on the turnpike he falls asleep... poor guy... he really is sick.  And I take the paper out of his hands and direct myself. 

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New York
photo by: herman_munster