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So I woke up really late since I was out until 3AM or so the night before... I got out of bed around 11:30AM but when my mom came home from work I was still in my pajama's kicking back in the recliner with a tissue box, some cough medicine and some hot tea with honey next to me.  My mom looked overly concerned and asked if I would be able to go out to dinner and the play that night.  I told her I had to... I couldn't dissapoint my friends and I didn't want to waste the tickets!  She told me that if I didn't make an appointment with a doctor then she was going to take me to the hospital on Wednesday... which the last thing I want to do is sit at an ER waiting to see a doctor that's just going to throw some medicine at me.  So I asked my mom who her doctor was and I made the appointment; which ended up being right after my dentist appointment. 

I trudged upstairs and took a quick shower and threw on some comfy pants and shoes and a nice shirt. Usually I go all out because it's a fun dress up night to go to the play but I was not feeling doing a full face of makeup and nice heals... so I just did enough to get by so people wouldn't think I was a bum. 

As we left my mom asked me one more time if I thought it was wise to go... I told her yes... I'd be fine.  We drove up the street to pick up my friend Kristi and then headed downtown to go eat at the Opus Room where we were meeting my friend Jon, his girlfriend and his mom.  Kristi, my mom and I got there and waited.  I called him and he said they were going to be late... well, how late I asked... umm... we're still at my house he said... What!!!  But we're here already so hurry up I told him (I was cranky because I wasn't feeling well so I wasn't too nice to him on the phone). =*(  While we waited we decided to see if we could be seated and ordered an appetizer and waited.

Jon's mom soon showed up after the phone call to Jon... she came after work and then finally Jon and Nicole showed up. We ordered another appetizer (as the first one was the size of my fist) and ordered some food.  I got the salmon, soup and some hot tea.  The waitress seemed nice to everybody but me.  I ordered the hot tea as my main drink... I had to ask her for more water and another tea bag and she seemed very inconvenienced... sigh... Jon and I were able to exchange gifts... well, I left his gifts at home because I really didn't want to carry 4 wine bottles around the whole evening... I told him we'd meetup later in the week. And he gave me mine... gourmet chocolates!  I was in heaven... I love chocolate!!!  It's my weakness.

But we finished up with our dinner and headed out to Heinz Hall for the play.  As we're hiking up to our seats in peanut heaven and head towards our aisle and as I'm talking to Kristi and giving her and my mom some chocolate I see a very familiar head infront of me.  I tap the man to the head on the shoulder and ask him if he wants some chocolate.  Jon's mom, Angela, was astounded... she said to Jon... that Julie... she can make friends anywhere... she then laughed in irony when I told her that I've known the mysterious man for years and that he was my friend Chris.  I asked him how the "really good seats" were treating him (look at my previous days blog for an explanation on this) and told Jon that if we would've been up one more row we would have paid for the highest amount for the tickets.  His friend laughed because he could've gotten a lot more money out of Chris for the seats!

The play started and it was pretty good... I guess... it was an interesting concept because the actors were the musicians so there was no orchestra pit.  But there was only one set and when the light was on under the floor boards that meant that they were in the bakery and when the lights were turned off that meant that they were in the butcher shop.  It took me half the play to figure that part out.  I bet it wouldn't have taken that long but since I'm not feeling well I started to fall asleep a couple of times and couldn't keep my eyes open!  So I guess I'll have to go see it again sometime!  And maybe it will make more sense!

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