Go Packers... Brett Favre is #1!!! Well, Almost!

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good bye Brett... you'll be missed!

So the first day in New York was a lazy day... we didn't do much of anything except for relax and run some errands!  We started out by going to Staples and Best Buy (by way of a beat up Toyota---in brooklyn and Queens my friend drives... in Manhatten she doesn't).   It's funny though... because Ronnie has lived there almost her whole life but yet to get to some simple places she needs a map and needs to be directed by her boyfriend... but I guess with all those streets you sort of have to!

But after getting some grubbage at the grocery store we went back to her house for some fun loving football games. Brandon was so excited because he lives for sports and was afraid that since Ronnie doesn't know anything about sport, nor care, that he would have to head to a bar to catch the games ---which would've been not so good if you read on--- but luckily for him Ronnie's boyfriend was looking forward to the games.

So for the New England, Patriots vs. The San Diego Chargers Game I was rooting for the Chargers to win because I absolutely despise the Patriots... I think their pompous and that they rely too much on Tom Brady and not the rest of the team... (sorry if I offended anyone out there in blog land).  But sadly with the undefeated season they had I didn't give the chargers much luck... tis sad!  The chargers lost... sigh!

So the awkward game was the Green Bay Packers vs the New York Giants game.  Well, because Brandon and I were in New York rooting for the Packers... and everybody else in the room wanted the Giants to win.  But Brandon and I thought it would be an awesome end to a story for the Packers Quarterback, Brett Favre.  He's been around forever... playing for the Packers for 17 seasons---which it's unbelievable that he's been with the same team for such a long time and is playing against men who are 10 years younger than him!  I think that's very honorable of a sports figure to be with one team and make it a team rather than having to follow a player from team to team!  He was only with the Atlanta Falcons for one year after he graduated college.  But there were rumors that he's retiring and I thought that it would have been a great end to a football era... sort of like Jerome Bettis (the Bus) ending his football Career at superbowl XL in his home town of Detroit with the Steelers winning against the Seatle Seahawks!  Well... goodbye Brett... you'll be missed by us all! =*(

But then again... I was thinking at the time that Eli Manning has been living in the spot light of his brother, Peyton Manning the quarterbacks for the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton and the Colts have been very successful with their wins... can you imagine what Eli and Peyton's holiday get togethers must look like?  It would be horrible... "oh good for you Peyton, what a season you brought your team to... so what about you Eli... don't you think Peyton's doing well?  Maybe you can learn something from him?"  How horrendous!  So good for you Eli for your Superbowl championship and causing the Biggest Upset in Football History!  I hope your holidays are fabulous!

During the pregame they sports casters were bundled up and talking about how the Packers had an unfair advantage over the Giants during the game... with in 5 minutes of them being outside their water in their glasses were so frozen that they turned the glass upside down and nothing fell out!  The temperature was 5 degrees F with a wind chill of 20 degrees F!  Brandon said that that's rediculous and they are all out there running around so their bodies get warmed up and it's not that big of a deal... I looked at him and asked him if he ever walked outside and felt his lungs start to freeze just by breathing his first breath?  He said no... I said that I never felt that until I moved to Minnesota and the one day I was outside pumping gas... it was -14 degrees F and I don't know what the wind chill was... so until he actually experience that he really can't say what the players are feeling.  He really didn't respond to that statement... which was sort of amazing.

So, while we're watching the Packers/Giants game we had a while to get through the awkwardness of booing and cheering at the same time. Brandon and I got used to everybody else cheering when we weren't and vice versa... it made for an interesting evening... All in all I'm Happy about the outcome... even though I was sort of nervous for the big game... I thought that the Packers were the only team that even had a chance at beating the Patriots!  I'm glad I was wrong!

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good bye Brett... youll be missed!
good bye Brett... you'll be missed!
photo by: missandrea81