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The apartment of Dana Barret (aka...Sigourney Weaver) in Ghost Busters

So we headed up to Central Park on the N train and hopped off.  Brandon was so excited to get to see Dana Barratt's apartment at 55 Central Park west... and you know what... he was right!  The actual apartment was on Central Park west... but with all the changes in the skyline in th epast 20 years we just couldn't find it because now it wasn't the tallest building in the bunch!  But after walking up and down the street... the numbers don't make sense at all... we found it because of the church the stay puff marshmallow man stepped on is next to it and then looked at the number!  We ran across the street to get some nice photo's and started walking down towards 5th avenue.  The one thing I think Brandon likes to do in NYC is look at Trump Buildings... because we made sure to go in the one on 5th ave last january and this year he made sure to stop off at the one on 55th and take some photo's... it seems like there's as many trump buildings as starbucks in this town!

We hopped back on the 2 train at 59th street and headed down to Fulton Street where we went to BODIES...The Exhibition. I have never been to this part of town and it was like another world.  The roads were stone and the buildings were a nice, classic brick look.  It felt like i was in Boston.   The exhibit was on the 2nd floor of the Exhibition Center.

The display was very interesting... and disturbing at the same time.  Just to know that these were real people is just amazing... Each room was something new and unexpected.  They showed what body parts looked like healty and also with diseases to it like cancer.  Also you could see what lungs look like after smoking (there's also a bin to throw cigarettes away after you see what it can do to your body) and also you could see the arteries and veins locked in liquids.  As Brandon said, no wonder we bleed everytime we get cut because there were so many veins it was unbelievable!

If you want to check the exhibit look at one of these locations because this is where the Bodies exhibit is at: (which I guess we didn't have to go to NYC to see it we could've seen it in Pittsburgh---oh well, it was a good experience!)

Vienna, Austria at the Gasometers
Santiago, Chile at Espacio Kennedy
Madrid, Spain at Teatro Carlos III
Barcelona, Spain at Museu MarĂ­tim
Fort Lauderdale, FL at Las Olas Riverfront
Cincinnati, Ohio at Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
Pittsburgh Exhibition at the Carnegie Science Center
Las Vegas Exhibition at the Tropicana Resort & Casino
New York Exhibition at the South Street Seaport

As always timing is Impeccable because as we left I got a text message back from my friend Seth (we can't have phones on in the exhibit so we don't disturb the other viewers).

The church that the Marshmallow Puff Man steps on in Ghost Busters
But I left him a message because he works at a wine shop in Union Square and I needed advice on what to get my friend Jon (Seth has also been mentioned in my trip to Erie, PA for Aida and my trip to NYC for dinner in times square).   I told him I'd be right up to see him at Union Square--- he's having a birthday party at night so we were going to go up to get the wine then go back to brooklyn to drop off the wine and then go back up for festivities.

Well, as I don't think with my stomach and Brandon does he started whining about needing to eat.  So I called Seth back and told him that we're going to catch some grub first and asked him where to go.  He said the Heartland Brewery across the street would be good.  We walked in and they have a lot of home brew beers to drink and the food didn't look half bad.  There was one waitress at the bar and there was nobody else in the restaurant... brandon was getting antsy and wanted to leave... (which if you want to go to a Belgian Tasting to to the Empire State Building April 10, 2008 from 6:30 to 10:30).

.. I wanted to try the beer and if Seth said it was good then it's good because he has good tastes in food.  I told him that I would get the waitress at the bar or we could go and sit at the bar.  He said no, that if our business meant that much she would come over to us.  He kept complaining... I said if he wants to leave let me know... we can leave.  He just kept complaining. So I hopped off my stool, grabbed my coat and purse and headed out the door.  Brandon looked dumbstrucked that I did that.  He came out and was like why'd you leave... I said you know how I get crabby when I'm tire... well you're ten times worse than I act at that time.  We walk across the street and a seafood place (Il Porto) was having half off entrees... Brandon was excited and we went in. (Ronnie then later told us that if a place is having that good of a deal then there must be something wrong with the restaurant but the food was good and the service was friendly)

He asked me what i wanted and I said I don't eat seafood that much.

Fulton Street
  He looked at me like why did we come in here then.  I told him that it was all worth it to make him happy and to stop complaining... he looked baffled... but I know women across the centuries have been making men happy over their happiness and this was one of those times for me.  But we were looking at the menu and I got the salmon and he got shrimp.  I was looking at the drink menu because I wanted a beer at the other place I may as well look and see what they got here.   I looked at the menu and had a surprised look on my face.  He asked what and I said I was surprised to see they had Hoegaarden Beer here.  He said he never heard of it before and I told him it was a lighter Belgian Beer.  He said that he's shocked because at his parties I never drink a lot.. I drink very little, but last year and this year in new york I have showed him that I know more types of beer than him.  I told him I do... I drink what I like and I don't like Miller Lite (which is what he drinks) but he won't try anything else.  I told him he should branch out a bit and try something else--- last year we went to Trump bar on 5th ave and we ordered a beer.  I got a Stella Artois and he got a Miller Lite.  I said, uh uh... no way... I'm paying you're not getting a miller Lite that's $7 when you can get it in Pittsburgh for a buck fifty.
The Bodies Exhibit at Fulton Street
.. he gave me this sad puppy dog look and ordered it anyways not believing how much beer was in New York.  Then he felt bad when we got the check.

But back to the story... I ended up getting a nice white wine Chardonnay... I figured that would go well with the seafood.  We ended up having a great time after his stomach got refueled!

Next up was up to Union Square to the Union Square Winery on Fourth Avenue @ 13th Street.

Hartland Brewery on Fulton Street
This was a huge wine shop... I wanted to go to the artisans at the farmers market during the day but we were so busy Monday that it didn't work out and Wednesday we'd be on a plane going to florida!  So this would have to do.  Seth showed me a nice bottle from the Long Island Winery since I was looking for something local.  It was more money than what I wanted to spend ($30 USD) but I knew Jon would really enjoy it! 

Afterwards Brandon had to use a bathroom and we stopped off in the shopping building with Filene's Basement in it.  He decided to have a girl moment and wanted to go shopping at the store when I told him it was discount designer.  Unfortunately he didn't find anything...







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The apartment of Dana Barret (aka.…
The apartment of Dana Barret (aka…
The church that the Marshmallow Pu…
The church that the Marshmallow P…
Fulton Street
Fulton Street
The Bodies Exhibit at Fulton Street
The Bodies Exhibit at Fulton Street
Hartland Brewery on Fulton Street
Hartland Brewery on Fulton Street
New York
photo by: herman_munster