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On the plane ride down here we decided to go to NASA to check it out... I have never been there but I like the history of space travel.  We got to the park and forked over the $40 for admission and as we entered I saw some signs saying which way to go... one of them I thought the sign said "rock garden"... I put a mental note to myself that we should go there because it would be interesting to see rocks from the moon and mar and places like that.  We went exploring around and started the "touristy" thing of taking our pictures infront of everything!  We headed over to a place that had a whole bunch of rocket ships and I saw the sign that said "rocket garden"... I paused... looked at the sign and brandon ask what was up.  I told him what I thought I saw before in the lobby.

  He laughed and we headed into the "rocket garden" and I was slightly dissapointed to say the least... NASA if you are reading this you should put a rock garden in Kennedy Space Center!

While we were walking around the complex my throat started to hurt something fierce and so did my ears (on the way down I bought some throat lozenges).... still thinking nothing of it I trudged along and we got to go on the take off simulator which was pretty cool.  You have to try it if you go there and then got on the tour bus to go see the rest of Kennedy.  Which I thought took us to a launching pad...which I thought would have been cool because they delayed the take off of one of the launches so the space craft was in take off position... sadly we were far away from it and I had to crop my pictures to get a decent photo of the ship.


But the tour was pretty cool... you get to see the building where they build the ships which is equivalent to a 52 story building... but the inside is only one story. And on the side of it is a painted flag of the United States.  The Blue part with the stars on the flat is the size of a basket ball court... which it looked smaller on the massive size of the building.

We also got to see what mission control looked like and as we were walking around we paid attention to the cars in the parking lot... alot of guys who work at Kennedy Space Center have some nice corvettes!!!

I was starving.... and if I'm starving brandon must be famished... so we left and looked up places to eat in my GPSs Point of Interest section.  I started rattling off some stuff and brandon nixed all of them.

.. we got to outback steak house and he figured since I was on a kick of trying local cuisines he would lie to me and say he's never been there so I would say OK, let's go... well, we went and I got PO'd that he did fib to me... that says a lot of how he perceives me and I wasn't the happiest person there about it.  But we enjoyed our steak dinner and then headed over to the local mall to find a hair cutting place because both of us were in dire need of a trim.  We found a master cuts and got it done there and then walked around the small mall.  We went into the Aeropostle and I found some pants for work... they fit so comfortably and were only $10USD!  I thought I hit the jackpot!  But since I only had a small roller bag I couldn't buy alot so I figured once I got to PGH (Pittsburgh for short) I would pick some up there.
... so I only bought one pair---needless to say no store in Pennsylvania or Minnesota had those pants!

We were getting bored at this point and I called Shannon to see when her and eric would be home... they went to dinner with her family and had the keys to the house.  She wasn't answering so we stopped off at Best Buy in Orlando (they're not every 5 miles miles apart like they are in Minnesota... it was more like 40 minutes apart) and I picked up some stuff to get shannon as a gift to say thanx for letting us stay here... and they still haven't called so we stopped off at the twistee treat on the way back. Shannon and Eric called and stopped off with us to get a tastee treat!!!  Gosh how I love this ice cream cone palace!

After we went home we headed off to bed... my troat was really bad at this point... I couldn't swallow (and it was funny because I wasn't coughing at all throughout the day)... but I couldn't fall asleep regardless of how much hot tea with honey I drank, or how much cold medicine I took... I ended up texting my friend who's studying medicine.  He told me to just drink warm tea and do everything I was already doing.

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Cape Canaveral
photo by: Andy99