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Eric had to work in the morning so we met up with him at the airport so I could return my rental car.  we started on our way and I was trying to figure out why the GPS was taking me back roads... and why it was going to take so long to get there... I figured it out later... I had it avoiding all toll roads and to go highways you go on toll roads.  So needless to say once we met up with Eric and dropped off the car we didn't get to Disney world until about 11:30AM and the park closed at 5PM!!!  But it was still enough time to try everything out!

We started out in MGM studios... we walked in... I was hungry so I started a trend of us getting over price chili dogs!  We started off the trip on the Tower of Terror... the line wasn't too long but we passed the time away by chatting.

  shannon didn't want to go on it... it looked too scary.  We coaxed her on by saying hey look... those kids are going!  just try it out this once.  Well, we go her on it and she flipped out when those doors opened and we dropped.  I which I would've payed the $15 for the photo as it was the funniest thing in the world.  Her mouth is wide open and terror is plagued on her face... and EVERYBODY in the car...including the small kids... are all turned towards her!  I felt bad but it was too funny.  We also went on the star wars ride and hit the gift shops.  then we took the ferry to epcot for a late lunch/early dinner.

We went in and it was hard as like I said before shannon has a strict diet and brandon is an all american boy who likes his all american food.

  Shannon wanted to get some sushi so we went into the Teppan Edo in Japan area and sat down.  Brandon never tried sushi and was very hesitant to try it here.  But all I have to say is the waitress was awesome!  She was Japanese and knew enough english to do her job.  Shannon told her she had a food allergy and couldn't get something with the sushi... she jotted down allergy and the manager came out and talked to us.  He informed us that the rice in the sushi was stuck together with something that was a glutton base and he suggested the sashimi.  Shannon said that might explain why she always feels a little bad after she eats sushi and was very happy with the findings.  We all order, except for brandon, and he is very brave and tries each of our platters.
  He said it was alright but it's nothing he would go out of his way for.

After we got the sushi we headed over to the cafeteria pavilion in the United States for Brandon to get the all american boy cuisine he was used to... which was chicken fingers and fries!  He looked like a kid in a canyd store and enjoyed every bite.  As we were walking through the countries we came across my favorite... Germany... they have the most delicious baked goods at the place called Sussigkeiten where I told everybody to pick out something and I'd buy it... I got the fudge which was uber amazing!

There is also a place in Epcot... I forget what it's called or where exactly it's at (except for the fact that it was in the front of the park) is that it has soda-pop from all over the world.

.. which was very very interesting to try!

We went on the finding Nemo ride, got our photo taken in the mouth of Bruce and then headed on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom before the park closed to go on the Haunted Mansion as they changed it and made it more technical.  By this point I was feeling like crap and the weather was overcast, chilly and rainy and shannon was coming down with the stomach flu! 

The haunted mansion was nice... they did change it up but mostly with putting real faces in some areas that they didn't have it before to make it more ghost like!

We then headed home and finally got to do something that eric and I were excited about, which was play some rock band!  Which let me tell you I really suck at the drums but Brandon has a beautiful voice and rocked it in the vocals.  It was fun to get an actual band going.  Eric went to bed and brandon then taught me how to play madden and how to read the plays.  I actually got to score against him... but only once.  And he went a lot easier on me than he does his brothers so I could have an advantage.


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Shannon, Dopey and I at Epcot
Shannon, Dopey and I at Epcot
Arrr... Viking territory at Epcot
Arrr... Viking territory at Epcot
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Eric, Shannon, myself and Brandon…
Shannon, Brandon and I inside Bruc…
Shannon, Brandon and I inside Bru…
Shannon and I
Shannon and I
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me infront of epcot
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Me infront of the Castle at the M…
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