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Church Street Station of the B train in Brooklyn

We started out the day walking to the B train at Church Avenue... which was a mistake because the Q train goes to Coney Island but the B train stops a little short of it at Brighton Beach.  But it was worth it.  See my trips to See Ronnie are me running around doing what I want to do all day, and late night. I spend the evenings with her and an occasional walk to the train stop.  She doesn't like to go out and I remember June of 2006 I went to see her and everytime her friends wanted to go somewhere she would say, oh well not today but go ask Julie.  She said I was the best stand in and her friends never pestered her...

But the walk was good for me... Brandon was irritable because of his eating schedule... we get to the train stop and I see a dunkin donuts across the street.

Coney Island Reflection
.. Ronnie was going into Manhatten so this is where we parted ways.  Brandon was so excited for the idea so we stopped in and got some grub for the train ride. 

We got off the last stop and did realize we should've transfered to the Q train so we started walking towards the board walk.  As we're walking down the sidewalk brandon stops dead in his tracks... "what's wrong Brandon" I asked him... he said "shhh..." I gave him this perplexed  look like he was crazy. I was about 10AM and we're acting like mice walking around brooklyn.  He said to me quietly, almost in a whisper sense, 'do you see that woman with the baby carriage?" I said duh... she's standing infront of us... quiet down he told me... she'll hear us. Well, he thought that the woman was Bridget Moynahan---I asked who it was and he told me the other woman who had Tom Brady's baby who was also in I, Robot with Will Smith.

View of Brighton Beach from the B Train Station
  I was still stupid... until I got home and went to and looked her up... I told him I didn't think it was her because I would've recognized her because I'm a huge Sex and the City watcher and I would've recognized Natasha because of the distinct features she has.  But he still had it in his mind that it was here--- he's all about seeing famouse things and people.  Not really bothering them but just saying he's been there... which is why we went to Shea Stadium when we couldn't go inside of it.

We got to the boardwalk and he asked me how far we had to go.  I said I didn't know... but we had to go right because that's the only way we could go.  No the Temperature today was about 14 degrees F... which is -10 degrees C I believe.

View of Coney Island from the N Train Station
  So it was freezing.  We had our coats on and started walking.  It was like a ghost town there was nobody there... except for maybe 3 runners, one of which was in SHORTS!!! 

Finally we see the amusment park in the distance and I pointed it out to him... Nathan's Famous Hotdogs are right past there... he started running... knowing it was in view and that we'd be there soon.  But rather than walking on the boardwalk with the wind of the ocean whipping at our face he goes to the street where we had the protection from the buildings 'n at. 

Once we were at Nathan's Famous we run in and get up to the counter where we were greated by a very nice woman who looked very board as there weren't any other patrons in there.

Coney Island
  Brandon asked me what they tasted like... I told him they were good, and let me tell you that these are better than any other Nathan's you may get anywhere else, whether it's on the rest stop of off I-76 (the PA turnpike) or if it's in the Mall of America in Minnesota.

We get our hotdogs and take one bite into them and it's probably one of the most satisfying times of our life... the donuts didn't hold us over too well... we were freezing... and we probably burned so many calories running the mile and a half in freezing cold temperatures.

Once done we went up to the track to get on the N train and go into Manhatten where we'd how to get to the Apartment Building from Ghost Busters on Central Park West.... Brandon's even more excited for that since we couldn't find it the day before!

Please see my review of Nathan's hot dogs 2 blogs down... as it is in the system as Brooklyn but with jumping around the boroughs so much in one day they mush the blogs together if they are in the same town...

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Church Street Station of the B tra…
Church Street Station of the B tr…
Coney Island Reflection
Coney Island Reflection
View of Brighton Beach from the B …
View of Brighton Beach from the B…
View of Coney Island from the N Tr…
View of Coney Island from the N T…
Coney Island
Coney Island
Coney Island
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