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So I told Brandon that I'd be up at his house between 7 and 7:30AM.  I set my alarm for 6AM so I could get out at 6:30... brandon lives a half hour north from me so to get him I'm back tracking to get on our way.  Well, I over slept... I like to hit snooze a lot... and headed out to get Brandon... I figured that we'd leave when I got there but he had different plans.

I get up to his house and walk in the door and he started asking me all these questions.  About 2 weeks ago I told him I was going to take 2 roller suitcases with me... one for NYC and one for Orlando.  He laughed and called me high maintenance... until I told him that it would be easier to have one for New York Sweaters and the other for Orlando tanks. Then since he's only flown twice in his life I sent him the restrictions on TSA's web page.  So I thought by the time I would get there he would be ready and we could get on our way quickly since we fit in going to Baltimore during the drive.

Well, he was waiting for me to help him with the restrictions of what not to take on the plane.  So the funny thing about Brandon and I is that we are very much a like but with different sexes.  We both have never had a relationship last past 6 months, when we do date we both keep our friends close and don't shut them out, I'm not settled when it goes with where I live or where I go but he's not settled with jobs, we both have really great friends that we value and we're both very laid back and easy going!   So I was very happy when he said that he'd go on the trip with me so I wouldn't have to drive alone... and hangout a lone when my friends were out doing their life that they couldn't stop while I was there.  We had a lot of fun on the 2 day extravaganza going to New York for New Years 07... hopefully a week will be good too.

So sadly we left at 8AM and then had to go to Burger King on the way to get him some grub.  And as I found out from the trip is they say that when a guy and a girl get married or live together the guy loses weight because the girl makes them eat healthier and the girl gains weight because she eats more.  Well, on this trip I found how this can happen.  Brandon liked the all american food of fried chicken and burgers where as I like more organic foods that are healthier and I eat 3 meals a day where as he eats about 5 or 6 in the same portions... so the next couple of days turned into interesting events of food!

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photo by: diisha392