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Brandon going for the long

So not only did we leave late but Brandon and I stopped off at Eat 'n Park... a family restaurant in Pennsylvania to get my sister, my friends in New York and my friends in Orlando some cookies that aren't too good -they're like a short bread sugar cookie (neither of which I like)- but they like the nostalgia of them.  Which in turn made us even later than what I was expecting.

We got to Baltimore around 12:30PM just in time for a tea party.  See my sister, Kari, thought that since I drink tea like it's going out of style (I have hot tea for breakfast, iced for lunch, iced for dinner and hot tea before bed) that I would love a tea party with mini muffins.

  It wasn't bad... it was just more the 4 of us... myself, Brandon, my sister and her roomate... standing around talking and sipping tea (which was a first for Brandon). 

So once will chilled and chatted a bit and played with the dog we went down to Camden Yards to go to the pop culture museum but first we had a detour that Brandon was so excited about.  We got to see the M & T Bank stadium where the Ravens where Brandon got to throw some ball with Johnny Unitas and headed over to check out the Orioles stadium.  It seems like a really nice area.  the way it was landscaped is very neat but the one mishaps is how the lightrail commuter train goes by the parking lot. 

So lets back up for a moment here.  When we left my sisters place her roomie asked if Kari wanted her to drive.

   Kari said oh no, that's alright, I got it.  Well, we put Brandon in the front seat because he had longer legs but he found out soon enough that Baltimore is home to bad drivers (no offense if you're from Baltimore).  But I remember driving with her and starting to cry because of how scary it was.  Well, we came up to Camden Yards and my sisters roomie told her to turn right then she started to turn left... No your other right we told her...  Oh... she immediately jolted right and we all screamed... AUGH!  She stopped right on the tracks of the light rail as the train was barreling down the tracks.  Brandon later said he thought we were just being nice and let him sit in the front but later realized we just passed the buck on him for the scary ride.
M & T Stadium for the Ravens

Well, after the stadiums we walked across the parking lot to Geppi's Entertainment Museum.  It was an interesting museum and the staff was really friendly.  They have about 6 rooms of artifacts starting from the beginning of the United States of America Era in 1776.  The rooms start with pop culture from the present (today) and go backwards in time.  In each room you have to find answers to questions after swiping a card to get some questions.  After answering each question correctly you get a prize at the end of the museum.  It was fun running from room to room and looking a toys from my child hood and toys that my mom would tell me about from her childhood.  It did get sort of tiring going through all the older toys that looked busted up.

.. but there was historical value to it.  But I have an attention span of a pea so goign through all the rooms for that long of a time did bore me after a while. 

While we were there my sisters friends joined up with us before dinner.  They made reservations at a mexican restaurant---which is rare for my sister but her friends made her make plans

We headed towards the Blue Agave on Light Street.  We went in and it was sort of sad.  Because the friends who sat next to me really didn't talk too much... I tried to break the ice by asking about work... the one guy works with my sister... but I just yes or no answers.  The food was good... but the one issue I have with Mexican food is that it's all beans, rice and meat in a tortilla.

.. there's not a lot of veggies.  But don't get me wrong... I like those things, well, not really rice.  But I like a mixture of food when I eat.  This was another first for Brandon... which was mexican food that wasn't from Taco Bell.  During dinner we were talking about how my sister's house got broken into when she lived over near Fells Point.  Then her old roomie was telling a story about how she was out on Light street at the bars for her friends birthday.  Well, they were walking back to their car and got held up at gun point... and then on the drive over to the restaurant we got taken through a part that's considered one of the top 12 most dangerous areas in the country... so needless to say we got shown some really bad areas... but the time I was there before the city looked really beautiful!

mellemel8 says:
awesome, that of my "USA sports field" dream trip LIST
Posted on: Feb 17, 2008
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Brandon going for the long
Brandon going for the long
M & T Stadium for the Ravens
M & T Stadium for the Ravens
Kari on the Bat phone
Kari on the Bat phone
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