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You know what I wish?  I wish that I had one of those speach activated computers... on my drive out there I had so many ideas and fun things to put in a blog... but sadly with me being back home and not having time to write baecause of my hectic itinerary I didn't have time to write and when I was in the car I couldn't write either.  But one of those speach activated computers... I could dictate and it could type.  Now I know you're saying I could get a voice recorder and go about it that way... but I hate hearing myself talk... so I could do that but it would still never get written how I want it because I would never listen to it.  But enough about my sulks and I'll try to get everything in here because I was busy and not only was I busy but I was sick so my brain was fogged during a lot of it.


But as usual I over slept to leave.  I wanted to leave between 6 and 7AM but it ended up being 9AM.  See my friend Christina wanted to give me my birthday present before I left so I could wear it on my trip.  So at 10PM I went over there to get my gift.  Now I wasn't expecting anything from anyone here for my birthday.  I didn't feel that I knew them that long or made such a huge connection with anyone here... so I was shocked.  But she got me a pink Troy Polumalu jersey... I was shocked because it's expensive.  But it was a nice gesture and it makes me see that you can connect with people that you don't think you ever connected with... hmm... that reminds me of when I moved out to Minnesota.  I never felt that I really had true true friends... but when I moved it's amazing to find out how many people I touched in my journey of life. 

But needless to say I didn't go to bed until 2AM!  And I wanted to get up in 4 hours... what was I thinking?  But needless to say I got on the road and went on my way.

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photo by: WalterC