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As I expected, my blog entries have become few and far between.  With only 2 weeks to go of my almost four month adventure, I fear that this will be one of my last entries.

To update those of you who have actually been reading my blatherings, I have rediscovered my travel mojo, have spent 2 weeks on the lovely island of Ko Chang, and feel thrilled to be here and enjoy the time that remains.  To sum up, I turned my frown upside down and all has been lovely in paradise.

After my downtime in stinking hot and crazy Bangkok (Lord, I hate that city), I hopped on a bus to Ko Chang, where I had spent one night previously when we came back from Laos.  Rolling green mountains, rainforest interior, and sweeping sea views abound on that island.  During the day, things are quiet on Lonely Beach(the village I stayed in), but at night the bar/restaurants rotate who throws the party.  The British girls I hung out with were 5 years my junior and really into the party thing, while my aging bones only put on my dancing shoes one night.  Speaking of dancing shoes, I actually lost my Reef sandals that had adorned my feet nonstop for 3 months that party night, and had to take someone else's bullshit crap flipflops in order to get home.  I was so proud of the fact that I had not worn any other shoes for the whole of the trip, and then they vanished.  Se la vie.

Last week, my former roomie and dear friend Denise sent word that she is coming out to Thailand for the week! I had planned on going to Chaing Mai for the Thai New Year festival, but seeing Denise is a way more exciting choice.  So she will be here in 4 days.  In the meantime, I needed to update my Visa, so came back to Penang for a few days. 

To explain the Visa run situation...Thailand gives visitors a 30 day visa on arrival.  A traveler can stay up to 90 days in any six month period, so if your visa expires, you much touch foot in another country and then just cross over the boarder again for a fresh stamp on the old passport.  So instead of just doing a visa run, which consists of someone driving you to the boarder to get the stamp and come right back, I flew down to Penang (the site of a hilarious weekend with Dan, Parwaiz, and Shah exactly 2 months ago) for a couple of days and then will take a bus up to Phuket to meet Denise.

With only 2 weeks left, I find my mind, both in my dreams and during the day, starting to stress about 'real life'.  I havent heard from any schools who are in the midst of interviewing candidates.  I dont know where Ill be living.  I need a summer school job.  Essentially, I need to recreate everything Chicagostyle, and have nothing in place at the moment. 

Remember my blog about being in the present?  Need to get back in that groove and enjoy the present reality before my tropical paradise is replaced by the Windy City!!


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photo by: Aurora78