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river by my house
I learned something new about myself today. It is hard for me to be in the present. My time here in Bali has been great, but I am always thinking about the next move. This is the case in all aspects of my life, and is something interesting to realize and try to work on changing. I look forward when working to vacations. At Burning Man all I could think of was leaving. When Paige was here I worried about her leaving and what the next step would be. In high school I looked to college. In college I graduated early to get to Israel.

Travel makes you deal with this stuff, because in the quiet times when you do not have the distractions of phone calls, work, television, your car, etc, you get to talk to yourself. Sometimes that can be scary, but that is how change comes. And I firmly believe that change is a wonderful and inevitable thing.

So with this, and the knowledge that I have a week left here, I have made the decision to be in the here and now and take advantage. Tomorrow I will be attending my first meditation session with Johan. I also will go to yoga and a Balinese dance performance. After that, I have looked at the map and have some day trips in mind to other parts of the island that I have yet to see.

My favorite things here, no doubt, are the sunsets. I am writing this sitting on my bedroom balcony watching the colors change and change and change. The light starts its magic around 6:15 and really hits its splendor at around 7:00 (it is 7:15 right now). At this point, the clouds are a deep and velvety violet. The sun has set awhile ago, and yet the remaining embers are now a magnificent deep red. This creates sillouettes of the palms and other vast amounts of trees that are filling every glance. It is a great time to sit with a beer, listen to some mellow music (today's choice: Dire Straits and Eddie Vedder).

I have a massage with Made in 45 min in Chaz's house (sweet to have a private massage room in the house!). It will be an early and mellow night after that, as I am meeting Johan at his house in the rice paddies at 8:30am. I think I am finally in the moment.
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river by my house
river by my house
photo by: eddie8498