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me and my wonderful friend, Add, on Koh Jum
So what I have been thinking about lately is when traveling, people often say, "Oh, in my real life, blah blah blah".  For instance, "In my real life, I exercise more than when I travel".  Or I drink less beer.  Or I do this or do not do this.  But how can life in Chicago or Stockholm or wherever you hail from be real life when a few weeks or months on top of a mountain or in SE Asia or wherever NOT be real life?  Isn't still our same bodies, souls, minds, codes of ethics, etc?  I find myself saying this often, but have been thinking that it doesn't really make any sense.  You dig?

As for me, let's see.  I think I wrote about my week with Scott on a previous blog.  Over the past few days, I headed back to Koh Jum with Daniel because a) it is amazing there; b) he owed Dela from Bo Daeng Bungalows money; c) I love it there.  I do not know how almost a month has gone by with me in Thailand.  It seems like just the other day that Parwaiz, me, and Shah were saying goodbye in Panang, Malaysia, and I randomly looking at the bus schedule and decided to head to Krabi.  And why the hell have I spent so much time in this Krabi town?  It is so bloody cheap, but sort of a transport hub without much beauty directly present.  Regardless, it has been loads of fun.  Lots of laughs every step of the road.

My next plans will be happening soon, but are still unclear.  I will most likely be heading back to KL to catch a flight to Vientiene, Laos.  Or perhaps I take a bus up to Bangkok to cross into Laos.  Everyone says that Laos is amazing, so cheap, and wonderful. Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for reading!
reneejaegers says:
Hey Marci,

Glad to see you're having a great time! Can't wait to hear all about your trip. The same old thing at GBS. Interested in a long term sub job beginning May 12th through possibly the end of the school year?

Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
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me and my wonderful friend, Add, o…
me and my wonderful friend, Add, …
photo by: forevert2