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I'm feeling the vibe here in Ubud, but I feel antsy to move on as well.

When you travel, the world opens up to you, if you want it to. Being that I quit my job, lived with the parents for a bit, and came here with random dates set, I feel like I am at an interesting crossroads. On one hand, this trip was supposed to sort of get some stuff out of my system so that I could come home and feel settled. And yet now that I am out on a small island in the Indian Ocean, I feel like I could do anything and things start to flutter around in my head. I've spent several hours on the Internet looking for work in Australia. Leah tonight suggested that I go work in Korea for several months to make some major cash to continue the travels. The world is my oyster...but do I want it to be? And it the meantime, this goes back to my previous entry about being in the present. If I spend a day at home in Ubud researching work in Australia, that is one less day I have here. Having free wifi and a spare computer can be dangerous for the traveler!

Yesterday was an 'in' day. I started with morning meditation with Johan, met up with Leah and Jill for lunch, yoga in the afternoon, and then dinner with Jill in the evening. Today was an 'out' day, or should I be so critical? A few hours on the computer, a jaunt to the pool with a new book, and then dinner with Leah. Traveling, though, cannot be white water rafting, rock climbing, meeting a million people, and viewing temples every single day. My budget does not allow for that, and that is not what life is all about. It cannot be an adventure every day. But just like at BurningMan, there is FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out. This all goes back to accepting the present whatever it is. It is okay to have lazy days at the pool and then days trekking in the mountains will come later. Sometimes I feel like a boring traveler.

I also signed up today for a 10 day silent meditation in Malaysia starting Feb 8. I have heard good things about these retreats (they have them all over the world) but I am on the fence about it. Ten days of silence? Could I, a chatterbox who craves companionship, do such a thing? I think I am going to try, especially because meditation is the theme of the week up here and I have the time to do it! Stay tuned...Ill let you know my final decisions about that.
Bolt says:
Although I'm not a spiritual person, the 10-day meditation things sounds pretty interesting to me. My friend Dan said the hardest thing was not being silent, but sitting cross-legged. :)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2008
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