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I have settled a bit into the mellow Ubud style of living. It is very different here than the party/beach scene I had with Paige for the first five days, and I like it! Chaz has been a god send. The way that prices work here is that you get a bigger deal on things the longer you use them. This goes for housing, motorbikes, etc. So if I just came by myself, I would be staying at a shitty home-stay (in a family's compound) for more expensive than this lovely house with free wi-fi (again, Chaz set up). I don't know how I will feel about UBud or Bali in general in a few weeks, but for right now it is just so comfortable and there is no reason to think of another place.

Did I mention yet that there was a praying mantis over the bed in my garden when I got there? And that I am covered with mosquito bites? And then this morning, I was moving the same bed in the garden, and noticed a leg. This Aussie guy, Sean, was staying at my house for the night, and I asked him to check it out. There happened to be a frog Im guessing the size of my hand, trapped and dead under the leg of the bed! Thank god for men doing chores that women do not want to do, so he got rid of it for me while I cringed in the corner.

Chaz has introduced me to some ex-pats here. These people move here and have amazing houses, a house staff, cooks, and live like royalty. One of the houses we have visited is called villa patalun or something like that (there is a website that I highly recommend you checking out). My is amazing! Chaz knows the woman who built it, and she is there only 6 weeks a year. We are having the cooks there make us a dinner with some other folks this coming Wed. The menu looks fantastic. There is a staff of 12 there who just keep the house up when she is not in town or when it is not being rented for $600/night.

There are many massages, yoga classes, meditation, and interesting people to meet here. I hope the energy rubs off on me, which I think it has already.
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photo by: eddie8498