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My last week was spent looping back through some of the nicest places Ive been thus far. Denise's visit brought me (after ne night in Phuket) to Ao Nang, Lanta, and then spent my last days back in glorious Ko Jum. It is interesting to note the changes in the tourist season as I have witnessed it these past few months. The rainy season/mnsoons is just starting here in Thailand, and with them, the travelers leave in droves. And due to the lack of travelers, many places in the Andaman Sea close from May through Oct or Nov. So while I first thought that my paradise of Ko Jum was quiet and mellow, my third and last visit brought this to a new level. It was almost like a deserted island, which was quite amazing. What also was amazing were the electrical storms over the sea as well as the brief but fierce storms that hit the islands. With the rains, of course the bugs come out to play more. On Ko Ju, I was fully attacked by a battalion of sand flies during the daytime on the beach. A woman there from Hawaii claims they are known as 'noseeums' in the States since they are extremely tiny. Anyway, I look like I have some sort of horrible skin disease at this point, because those little fuckers got me around 200 times, and what remains are the itchiest bites I recall ever having.

Nonetheless, Ko Jum was exactly the place I wanted to be to wind my time up on the beach. Seeing Add and Sao and Dela again was just wonderful. The water was clear and beautiful, and I was happy to have the view from the Ko Jum beach as the last one imprinted in my mind.

Bolt says:
I sympathize with the bites! While camping overnight on Catalina I got attack. I counted 80 on one leg from the knee to my foot. I actually thought I had gotten chicken pox again.
Posted on: Apr 24, 2008
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