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me and Chaz at happy hour in Ubud
My feelings and spirit have continued to be on a whirlwind, but the past 20 hours have been great! Yesterday I was thinking of how to get out of here, felt stifled, my tummy hurt, and I had a smidge of anxiety.

Then, Chaz’s driver, Kiki, picked me up at 6pm to go to Villa Pantulan for the dinner party. Chaz had also invited this girl Leah, who is going to be a great new buddy. Jewish, from DC, and has been traveling for the past 17 months all over the entire globe. We totally got along and the evening was just lovely. The chefs at Pantulan and Chaz put together quite a lovely meal. Appies, red wine, great conversation, and Pantulan is just amazing. It was raining, which really added to the cool open groove of the place because you could see the water droplets on the little pond and pool while we were covered with a lovely breeze. He also invited over this somewhat peculiar but nice American named Adolph who does chiropractic and healing work. He has just gotten over a case of typhoid and his wife is at home at age 42 in her 10th week of pregnancy completely bed-ridden. Dinner was delicious. Conversation of course was in the vein of traveling, the meaning of it, Bali, and what we discover about ourselves while out of the States or on the road. The decor, food, wine, and company blended perfectly.

We dropped everyone else off at around 8:30 and then Chaz and I went to an open mic night at a pub in town and had a nice time. I sat next to this local artist named Joe, who is originally from Java. Very artsy in his demeanor, and makes some pretty beautiful art. He especially had this amazing leather hip bag studded out with rivets and whatnot that I really want. I got his card and he said I can come over and he can make me one. It really is a great piece.

Chaz continues to be a angel. So generous to everyone he meets. He buys candy and gives it out to kids and girls in town. He paid for the dinner for us. He drives me in town. He helps out at Kafe with free consulting for the restaurant. I am very lucky to have him on my side. Sadly, he leaves on Sat for Australia.

Have I mentioned yet that I am seriously considering making Australia my next locale? I am in the process of investigating prices and how it could be doable on a budget.

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me and Chaz at happy hour in Ubud
me and Chaz at happy hour in Ubud
photo by: eddie8498