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Welcome to my last blog from Indo. It has obviously been great here, and thank you everyone who has been reading and leaving me such positive feedback. I'm honestly honored that you all have actually taken the time to read my wandering thoughts.

So I leave tomorrow for Gili Trawangan. Very excited to go. Met a guy today who is from there and gave me a recommendation for his friend's homestay that is directly on the beach. Sounds good to me!

I will be there until the early morning of the 5th. After that, I come back to Bali by 4 hr boat and then take a bus to the airport. I will arrive in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia late on the night of the 5th. I have already made a reservation at a hostel and have clear directions on how to get there. Thanks to Leah, my new dear friend here, who gave me the recommendation.

One piece of many great pieces of news is that 2 days after I arrive in KL is Chinese New Year! And from what I read, Malaysia is 1/3 Malay, 1/3 Indian, and 1/3 Chinese, so I am sure the festivities will be amazing. What luck!

A friend here on travbuddy, Parwaiz, has been a godsend and has given me detailed info on KL and things around peninsular Malaysia. I feel confident that I will fill up two weeks of touring and relaxing on some islands while there. Then, on Feb 20, I am registered for the Vipanna 10 day silent meditation retreat. I know that many of you will find that concept insane, and I do a bit too. But since being here in Bali, the concept of meditation has become clearer and something I think is really meaningful. It is donation only, and believe it or not, I think I can be quiet for 10 days. What the hell? This trip is about exploration, right? So why not explore my inside personal self as much as I explore SE Asia? And I can always back out of it if I get cold feet. Of course I will let you know how it goes after it is finished.

So I do not think I have written about this before, but since I got here, Australia has been whispering in my mind. But it is so expensive as everyone tells me. I emailed schools and bars and posted on craigslist even to see about some under the table jobs. But nothing has panned out yet. I figured I would spend a good chuck of time in Thailand and maybe Laos, which is amazing, but for some reason, I was just dying to get to Australia. Then, at dinner with Leah last night, the answer came! She was telling me about her experiences with wwoof...which is a volunteer organization all over the world that puts people on organic farms for about a week. You help out on farms, and in exchange get room and food. Yes!! This is the way to Australia on my budget. So I registered with wwoof Australia today, and have contacted a variety of farmers, all in Victoria. I also found a relatively cheap ticket into Gold Coast airport in Queensland, so that assures me that I will get to see several parts of the country.

So I will offically be in Oz from March 4-April 13. After that, i will spend my remaining 10 days or so on one of the Thai islands (Im thinking Krabi at this point), head up to see Paige in Bangkok again, and head home to the States on April 25.

I think I have been searching for a plan while Ive been here, and this is a plan that has put a smile on my face all day. I'm really looking forward to all of this, and think that by the time I come home, I will have done a variety of really interesting and unique things. I was thinking for awhile that I would just be spending days and days on tropical beaches, but I did want to do something with my time. wwoof seems like the perfect answer.

OK, the rain has stopped and Im heading out for a goodbye dinner at Kafe. Thanks for reading. I wont be on here again for at least a week. I'll take plenty of pics on the Gilis and am really excited for new adventure.
jsfarv says:
Hi Marci - Long time reader here, first time poster. There, that's my nod to talk radio. I have been consistently enamored with the content of your postings and the experiences you are affording yourself on this journey. With the 150+ voices constantly entering my head these days, the 10-day meditation retreat sounds absolutely fantastic, not to mention beneficial. I hope that words are not doing your trip justice and that your enjoyment only grows exponentially. Warm greetings and best wishes from Los Al - Jason Farvour
Posted on: Jan 30, 2008
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