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Hooray for travbuddy!  I met up with Parwaiz in KL as we had planned.  Only had chatted over travbuddy, and he was a wealth of help and information.

After several beers and dinner with me, Parwaiz, his cousin Shah, and Dan from my guesthouse, we all decided to road trip to Penang for the weekend! This was after maybe 3 hours tops of meeting each other.  (Well, that is not entirely true...Dan and I had rocked the mic at karaoke the night before with another guy from our guest house...but that is a different story).

So off we went at 8 am to Penang, which is a predominantly Chinese island in the northwest of Malaysia.  the minute we got there, the characters started showing up, all of whom got nicknames.  Bob, the drunk Indian greeted us in front of our hostel.  Later at dinner at a mexican restaruant, there was a band that really cannot be described in the written word.  I got to play drums, there was a toothless Chinese man having a full blown conversation with me that he was very serious about, but all I could make out was, "DOGGIE!!", we had the spiciest food Ive ever eaten, and there were Indian ladyboys there with bindis and all.  The night carried on to a standard Irish pub that happened to turn into a gay dance club at around 1 am.  For al of you who know me, you are right in assuming that I took over the dance floor and even got in a dance off with an aging Chinese man (he won).

The rest of the weekend was continually silly and joyous.  Parwaiz and Shah needed to leave Sat morning for Parwaiz's work, which Dan and I were very sad about.  But an hour after they left, there they were again!  Parwaiz, the nervous planner, decided to turn the car around and continue on with the fun in Penang and let work hang for another day.  Hooray!  We spent the day at the beach laughing with raunchy details, watching a trick airplane do flybys, countless parasailers, and even an extremely drunk Austrailan man who was screaming how gay Babs, my hat was.  But when he gave Shah his business card, it turned out he was a catholic priest with the Australian airforce!  How good is that! (That was a line he repeated no less than 15 times every time he kept asking me where I was going...b/c he kept forgetting that I had already told him I was heading to Krabi).

In the end, Dan left for Bangkok, I took the bus to Krabi, Thailand (where I compose these words) and Parwaiz and Shah headed back to KL.  GREAT TIMES had by all.  Without a doubt, meeting wonderful people while traveling makes backpacking the beauty that it is!


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photo by: Aurora78