UPDATE - Friday 22th of Febr. 2008

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Hi Everyone, Here’s an update on things! In the past 1,5 months we have arranged (together with Nel & Andrew) to buy some land for my family. Nel & Andrew went to Ratnapura to see the land and arrange everything and now my family owns it’s own land. We put the land in my mother’s name and when something happens to her it will pass on to Nishantha automatically. Im very happy about this. I dont think about it constantly but it does feel good to know that something is being done about their situation. My mother had a mild stroke in January though.. because of all the stress that came after meeting me.. I only heard about it after when she was already out of the hospital again. As far as I know things are going well now, but I must say communication isnt easy so it’s always a question if I get the right messages. Right now my mother and brother are busy with cleaning the land but they have had a lot of rain this past period so the weather is not being very helpfull. Something funny happened the other day. It was my mother’s 50th bday (the Dutch one hihi) on Tuesday and a lot of family was at the house and they were all looking trough a photobook of the trip to Sri Lanka and then they asked me to tell something about the pictures. Then we came to the last few pages and then I discovered pictures I hadnt even seen! How stupid was that. They just came by mail a few weeks ago and my mother gave me this enveloppe but I thought it was just the newspaper article inside and I was busy with some schoolstuff so I didnt look at it. Hihihi.. Im being a bad daughter I know!! It had some really nice pictures of Nishantha wich made me so happy. I have a charm bracelet with charms from every country I’ve been to. Ski’s for Austria, Farao mask for Egypt, Eiffeltower for France etc etc.. so in Sri Lanka I also bought a gem-stone to put on the bracelet. I brought it to a jewelry shop here and I had charms put on the bracelet that hold the names of my family. So now I have them with me all the time :). This week I will try to take some pictures for them from my house, my friends, my family here, my school, my dog, my town and  I will try to get those to my family there. I had promised Nishantha to show him what my life is like and what my country is like. On March 2nd I will meet up with Fardau and her family at Nel’s house! Im very excited about seeing them again. Especially because those ppl like no others understand what it was like for me, and what it’s like for me now. Cant wait to see them again!


I will keep u al posted when something happens!


portia says:
what an experience! good for you and your family.
Posted on: Mar 06, 2008
ctjevans says:
wow, that was incredibly kind of you and your Dutch family to buy land for your biological family. I remember what a hard time you were having before your visit to think of appropriate gifts to bring… it seems you’ve found the perfect gift after all.

just how heavy is this charm bracelet of yours? haha

happy birthday to your mom! ;-)
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
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