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bathroom wall at TravelStop in Jolly, Tx

I was a little late starting out but I think I made pretty decent time today even though it rained on me all the way to Clarendon.  For those of you "in the know" I almost went to Clarendon College to get a degree in Ranch and Feedlot Management..I was such a redneck nerd.  So the highlight of my first day was the bathroom at the TravelStop in Jolly, Texas.  I have never seen a heated political debate take place on a bathroom wall, but at least it was entertaining to read as I ridded my body of 3 RedBulls.  See pictures to get a look at it.  Also, there were three toilets and none of them had I took a quick snap of that as well. 

I also got to see a beautiful Texas sunset.

  The storm I drove though was coming in as the sun was setting and it was just completely gorgeous. 

Tomorrow I get to see the mountains to my left all day, so I'm really looking foward to that.  There is a place on Hwy. 87 just outside Raton, New Mexico that I swear is one of the most beautiful views in the world.  You're driving through the desert..nothing buy sand, joshua trees and yuccas when you come to the top of a hill.  On the other side is the beginning of the Rocky mountains, covered in snow.  I've always wanted to go back there and cry over Tony.  I have no idea why, but I plan on doing it tomorrow.  Maybe it's a good way to say goodbye for good. 

Okay..enough somber.  So tonight I'm going to bed with a coke and a snickers.  I'm later.

PS..I'm too tired to spell with it

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bathroom wall at TravelStop in Jol…
bathroom wall at TravelStop in Jo…
storm at sunset..took it while I w…
storm at sunset..took it while I …
My last Texas sunset for 8 days
My last Texas sunset for 8 days
photo by: fabienuk