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my uncle cutting the ham
For Christmas lunch, I returned to my grandmother's house in Matadepera. My whole family came so we were quite the crowd.
The fun part came right before the food when my younger cousins went to hit the tio. The tio is a log that has a face painted or pasted onto it. Then the parents put a blanket on its behind and usually a barrati (sp?) which is the traditional Catalan hat.
The kids then go to the fire or the stove to heat up the sticks and sing a Christmas carol to the adults. When the sticks are warm enough they run back to the room with the tio and sing a song to encourage it.
I don't recall the words of the song right now but it goes somewhere the lines of "poop tio, poop some almonds and turro, now I hit you with this stick!"
Hahahah it's too crazy.
Then the children lift up the blanket that is covering its behind and find whatever present the tio pooped out. Usually the last present is indicated by either some candies and turrons if the kids were good, or a potato or turnip if they were bad!
My cousins were really excited they got lots of toys and dolls and so on, but they also recieved an infernal cube that makes loud sounds and bright lights, everyone had to deal with it being played all the time in the house and in the car for the rest of the vacation.
thenewextrememimi says:
haaa a log that poops candy when you beat it. awesome.
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008
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my uncle cutting the ham
my uncle cutting the ham
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