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Winter 2006.  The winter swell had been hitting NorCal all January.  I packed up things and drove down the cost highway 1 in search of a non-crowded spot.  My destination: Baja.   I have been doing the driving down to Baja for a couple of years now in search of good surf.   2006 was not a disappointing as 2005 was.   Past the border, as usual, I stopped in Tijuana and got my "must have" tacos.  Nine tacos for $1.00, these tacos are by far the best I have ever eaten anywhere.  Julio knows his tacos.   After the taco lunch, and $5 worth of tacos to keep me and my stomach busy down the road, I got a flat tire.  Until this day I don't know what could have punctured my 33" inch BF Goodrich All terrain tires, they are solid.

... but anyhow, luckily, I had a spare tire, but changing the tire on a 4x4 and under a 89 degree is quite a challenge. 
I arrived at (I will not disclose location, sorry, my surf spots) and surfed all afternoon.   Just off the paid road there is a beach with ample parking space where other fellow surfers parked overnight.   Wheather was cleared and water warm.

I stayed overnight and woke up early the next morning heading to my next destination.  After about 4 hour drive, I stop and met a couple of friends who where surfing and gave some advice on where to score the best ones.  After a few $1.00 Dox XX's I chilled at a local resort and talked to some people at local resort.  I somehow managed  a gig teaching how to surf to tourists and visitors, mostly women trying to learn.   That was interesting.   After a couple of days, I drove up to Rosarita where I scored some waves.

     I stayed at Rosarita and had my truck washed and lubed again.  Driving through the desert can be very punishing to any truck.  


Roadrunner encounter.  On my way back, in the middle of no where, between the ocean and nowhere, I was driving, probably going 45mph when I looked over my shoulder and realized I was being followed by a small bird, adjacent to me, it must have been going as fast as me.   I slowed down to catch a better look and it was a road runner. MAN, those things are amazing, in a few seconds all those wild-e coyote cartoons came to my mind.  It was nice to see one in person!

My trip was coming to and end and I was running out of money, my tacoma chunks on gas like crazy!  I hit the border at about noon and waited for about an hour to get past customs.   Driving up San Diego ,I stopped to visit my a few friends.    2008 looks a like a good winter and the winds and swell are lining up to make 2008 a great winter season.  

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One foot in Unites States of AMeri…
One foot in Unites States of AMer…
Dos Equis! XX
Dos Equis! XX
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Baja California
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