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The Kevin Costner Modern West concert at the Fallsview Casino was great.  Buffalo to Niagara was a pain.  When I went to the shuttle stop, I was given a cab.  The shuttle is $45.00.  The cab driver would only take $45.00 in cash, which I didn't have on me.  He pulled into an ATM, when we got to Canada.  Pretty funny.  He then went on and on about the tolls he'd have to pay (both ways) and how a cab ride should really cost $75.00.  I gave him $10.00 over the $45.00 to cover the tolls.  What a drain!

I used my passport to get into Canada, cause I already have one.  Then, made my way to the Marriott.  I'm not sure why the Marriott is ranked over the Hilton.  If you're just going to the Casino, the Hilton has a walk-by to the Casino.  The Marriott has a shuttle service.  All the major hotels have shuttles to the falls, which you can just walk to down a small hill.

People are right about the Marriott Niagara Falls Hotel Fallsview & Spa.  The 5th floor is really the 2nd floor.  I was prepaid, so guess where they put me.  I was in room 530, with a view of the hotel next door.  No jet tub, no view of the falls, but the room was a nice size.  I wasn't even asked to upgrade (starting as low as $25.00).  Seeing that I spent the summer in Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Niagara Fall is a puddle compared to Victoria Falls, I just laughed.  I wasn't really there for the falls.

The Marriott has a small Starbucks in the lobby.  Nearby, they have a computer for confirming flights and printing boarding passes, free and easy to use.  I didn't eat at the hotel.  There are places to eat next door, the next block, etc.  I ate at the Casino buffet ($15 for lunch and $20 for dinner).  The food is nothing like Vegas.  I didn't care, cause it's $8.00 for just a burger in and around the falls.  At least at the buffet, I could get OK food (soup, salad, etc), and not just eat fast food the whole trip to save a few bucks.  With $8.00 for bugers and $3.00 for a soda, I'll take all-you-can-eat soup and salad.  There's a 90 minute time limit at the buffet. 

Heading home, still no shuttle.  The hotel called a town car service (the same price as the cab), they said.  The driver wanted $85.00.  I didn't want to hear any crying about the tolls, so I just paid the guy.  Then, he took me the long way around, so he didn't have to pay to cross the border.  So, that was an extra $40.00 bucks, (cause I could have call the cab driver who took me into Canada and just paid $45.00.  It's only money!  When people work this hard to over charge you, you just gotta laugh.  Was nice getting out of a town car at the airport.  I put my shades on, before getting out of the car.  When that driver came running around to get my door, and the sky cab guys all looked over to see who was getting out of the limo, I smiled and got out like a superstar ... A superstar wearing pants!  You know it! 

the Marriott Niagara Falls Hotel Fallsview & Spa
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Niagara Falls
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