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JiaXiuLou, gate
It was a cool morning.
The city is 1200m above sea level, on a vast high plateau called as YunGui.
Yun is for Yunnan, Gui for Guizhou, the plateau occupies most area of the two region, providing cool and mild weather.
The temperature of Guiyang is between 20 to 25C in August, when temperature of Beijing is around 40C.

I went to the ground flore of the airport to get a map of the city, at the only book store in there.
Then I found a taxi on a road outside airport.
Taxis are fewer compared with inside the airport parking, but its cheaper too.
It was about 30 minutes from the airport to JiaXuLou, at the center of Guiyang
It is a series of wood buildings stand on a stone bridge, once used for various ways including library, built in Ming period.
The center of Guiyang

The view from there was clean and somehow modern.

There are four main streets in Guiyang, forming a large rectangle, with department stores, banks, restaurants and boutiques on both sides.
I walked from JiaXuLou to the streets, and went to the Guizhou provincial meseum.
The museum only had display on the second flore, the ticket office was also there.
The content was divided into 2 parts, the history of the region, and ethnic culture.
The history part, begins with neolithic founds in the area, it has pottery, stone, wood, bone tools, wood boat.
It seems settlements appeared at 4000 years ago, and people found the importance of river for transport from early period.
The display get on to the bronze age, when Han dynasty governed most part of China and sent ambassader to the local King.
After that, a stronger nation named Dali, governed the region till the Mongolian conquest.
JiaXiuLou, this one was a library in Qing period.

Ming and Qing dynasty controled the area as a part of China, but riot of the ethnics, especialy Myao tribe was often and even defeated the emperor's army for several times.
Because of this, Ming emperors built a 360km great wall at the land, it has been called as the Southern Great wall, or Myao border great wall.

The other part, ethnics culture, has a collection of their silver accesaries, traditional cloth, tools for daily life and instruments.
It will be very interesting for who want to know the ethnic's culture.

I left the museum and walked down the street to HeBinGongYuan, a big park at the river side.
There are many food stalls on the way, and so I ate at several of them.
People in Guizhou like red pepper, its hot but milder than in Sichuan or Hunan.

There was a tea house at the side of the river, inside the park.
This was a part of county's residence

I forgot the name, but it was a very relaxed place.
Sit back on a bamboo chair, enjoy the flavour and taste of green tea, with cool wind from the river.
Local people plays Majiang and talks in the place.

After a brief rest, I went to meet with a friend living in the city.
She is a local and so I found the best guide.
We went to various food stalls to eat, I cannot remember how much we had lol.
The most impressive food was ice rice porridge, served in a shop specialized in the food.
Then, we went to QianLingShan, a low mountain at the north of the city.

There is a temple named HongFuSi on the top of it.
There's a wall has decorated tile stands before the entrance, my friend told me that if one can touch the center of the decoration by walking  from 10 steps away, with both eyes closed, he will be blessed with fortune.
Same as above

So I tried this, and got a bless for the rest of my trip.

Then we decided to climb down the hill....and we found it was difficult.
There were no light at the steps, and we were both myopic(myopic person is moon-blind) we held each other's hand, carefully searched next step by the touch of feet...and finaly succeeded lol.

Taxi from airport to JiaXuLou 20RMB(shared taxi)
a bottle of water 1.5RMB
the provincial museum 10RMB(5 for student)
inside of JiaXuLou 5RMB
tea and light refreshment at the tea house 10RMB
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JiaXiuLou, gate
JiaXiuLou, gate
The center of Guiyang
The center of Guiyang
JiaXiuLou, this one was a library …
JiaXiuLou, this one was a library…
This was a part of countys reside…
This was a part of county's resid…
Same as above
Same as above
Local eat, i forgot the name, its …
Local eat, i forgot the name, its…
An abandoned Taoism temple.
An abandoned Taoism temple.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Another local eat. they skewer var…
Another local eat. they skewer va…
photo by: cynthiasmiller