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Ha Ha Ha... so my aunt lives in Ahwatukee which is a suburb of Phoenix over near Chandler.  She lives in a really good location because when I go to visit her I can walk along the mile worth of shops and restuarants that line Ray Road. And at the end is one of the only 9 Best Buys in the country that have a photo center (which is cool because that's who I work for and I get a discount). by the way, it's now only a digital photo lab...they did away with film developing in all their locations

So my aunt is at work and I wake up late---well, if it's the time in the east it's early, but it's not, it's central time so it's like 10AM which is really like 1PM eastern.  But anywho... I get my discman---yes I didn't get into the 21st century yet---and grab a larger back to put my 16 rolls of film in from the Grand Canyon and set off.

I drop the film off to get the negatives developed and put on CD's---no prints yet, that would be a waste of money at this point.  I go back after an hour or so and plop myself down at a digital machine where I can view the 5 CD's of photos.  I'm there for probably like an hour or so when a man comes up and stands to the side of me... I say I'll be done soon and look up!  OH MY GOSH!!!  I couldn't believe it... it was my friend Jason from Erie, PA... he saw me in my PSU t-shirt and thought how many people in Phoenix wear a PSU shirt and decided to come take a gander at who it was... and who'd a thunk it it was me. 

Well, it wasn't that  much of an irony...we both knew we'd both be in the state at the same time... he just thought I was staying at the Canyon the whole time and I thought he was going to be in Flagstaff the whole time when in reality we were only going to be in those places for like 3 days and the rest of the time in Ahwatukee and he in Chandler (right over the bridge from I-10). 

Well, he was staying with a friend he knew and told me that he'd like to take me out for my birthday since it's on the 27th of January!  I obviously obliged... especially since we'd go out later at night and my family goes to bed really early!!!

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photo by: ahtibat17