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So my friend Seth, from New York City, left last month to go embark on being a lighting artist for the Musical Aida, and Elton John and Tim Rice piece.  I told him that I'd come up to Erie or where ever was closest to see the show and take him out.  The best day for me to go was when it was in Erie... of all places.  I was surprised that it wasn't in any larger cities... but oh well, it was a 2 hour drive and the seats at the Warner Theater for good ones are a lot better than what I get in Pittsburgh Theaters for the same seats!

So I finished up with work, took a change of clothes and speed my way up to Erie... because my friend Ronnie, who is Seths roomie in NYC, went to college for me and always told him about these chicken fingers and fries and how good they were... so I had to go stop there and wait the 20 minutes for the food to get made.  I just hope that it lasts throughout the musical.  I get up to the theater and since I worked all day, drove 2 hours and stopped 20 minutes for food I had to pee... so I stopped off at the bathroom... which was really crowded and the only one in the Warner Theater! But it was wierd because while I was in line I saw an old friend Mary Beth... who I think is following me when I go up to Erie.  I saw her at outback, John's Pizzeria, the mall, now here... so every time.  It's strange. 

But I get out of the restroom just in time to get seated and watch the show.  It was good... the stage setting was all done in Light and not much props which was awesome.  I'm a sucker for nice pretty colors! 

The show was over and I waited in the lobby for Seth for like an hour and a half for him to finish cleaning up.  I then get a text telling me to meet him out back... which is good because that's where my car is and his food is... good thing it's cold outside!  Well, I give Seth the fingers and fries and he tests one out... amazed at how well the food tastes!  I ask him what he wants to do and he said there's a bar down the road called Molly Brannigans that he wants to go to... Oh man... he asked if that was a problem and I told him we just have to walk slow because my feet are killing me!  This is the one thing I was excited about; the fact I got to wear my new shoes... they matched perfectly with my outfit... but after standing around for an hour and a half my feet were killing me!  They are the most uncomfortable shoes ever!

But we head over to the bar and Seth orders and asks what I want... I asked what he got and he told me a Schmidwicks--- he loves Irish Beers.  I told him I'd have one too.  We caught up on his life without his girlfriend, his life on the road, how he liked the play and what I was up to.  We finished our first round and he got us another.  We didn't stay that long and let me just tell you darker beers go down differently than the light crap I was used to drinking... Which it's sad that I figured that out then.  Because I was fine at the bar and on the initial drive to the other part of Erie to crash at my friend Tree's house.  Because when I got there I felt buzzed and I probably shouldn't have been driving. 

By the way, I talked to Seth later in the week and he told me  that he ate the fingers and fries the next morning for breakfast and they were absolutely delicious cold for breakfast... he's never had wings that were!

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