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While I was waiting for Dan I called up my friend in Brooklyn.  I told Ronnie I was in for the evening and asked what she was doing that night.  She told me they were having a party to say goodbye to her roomie who was touring with the musical production of Aida for the next couple of months.  I told her that I'd be coming down with my friend...

I finally met up with Dan and told him about the party and asked him where he would like to go for dinner.  I figured that he might ask someone who worked with him while he was there were was good... but alas he didn't.  So I figured the one place you want to see if you've never been there is Times Square... I also figured we'd find some food there.  But the sad thing is I forgot it's all chain restaurants and we didn't want something we could eat at home. 

So while we were walking around and going into shops we wondered towards 58th street and saw a pizzaria shop that looked really good.  There were Pies in the window and a cafeteria type line for pastas so we figured it'd be cheap and quick.  Well, we were far from that. Bella Vita Pizzaria was sort of expensive for it's pasta (over $20 a plate) but the quality of the food made up for it!  It was probably the best italian I had (besides when I was in China---which I wrote a review on Tutto Bene's too).  There was a lot of spinach, sundried tomatoes and chicken to go along with the pasta... their wine selection was great too.  Dan asked the waitress for a refill on his Pepsi so when she saw the glass go down she filled it up promptly.  He was impressed with the service because he drinks pop really, really fast.  The one problem was is when we got the bill the pepsi was charged per drink at like $3 a glass.  I think his bill for beverages ended up being almost as much as his meal.  But since he was on business he got an itemized bill and forked it over to FedEX... to bad I wasn't on business.

After our exciting time in Times Square we headed down to the Slopes of Brooklyn for the party.  We walked up the stairs and knocked on the door and Seth answered half drunk!  He looked at me like I was a ghost and was like what are you doing here?  I told him that I flew out to say goodbye because I knew he was leaving!  He was baffled... no I actually told him I came here to show my friend around New York. 

But we go in and end up drinking organic beer the rest of the night... which isn't too good... blah.  But some people like it.

Well, we headed back to the hotel and I didn't know that the bus line stopped for a couple hours at night... so I'm happy we left when we did because we were a half hour away from having to stay near the M-60 bus line for 2 more hours or so because of the shut down.  But we didn't... instead we just missed the one bus so we got hot chocolate and donuts at the dunkin donuts and waited for the last line of the night!


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