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Botanic Gardens - Christchurch
If there is any place worth mentioning first on a blog site it is New Zealand. It is a country tucked away in the Pacific like a pearl is hidden within it's oyster's shell. That may sound overly poetic but I thought it was rather fitting given that we are leaving it in just 5 weeks. Often I find myself wondering whether my wife and I really experienced everything NZ had to offer. Almost always the answer to that is an emphatic no. I guess, however, that that is the nature of home. Home seems to be more relaxed than adventurous. Nevertheless, New Zealand is a great place and we love it dearly.

Having started in New Zealand, the phrase 'onwards and upwards' does not really apply to our travels in a quality of life sense.
Some random building on the other side of the road from the gardens.
Where else will we find such spacious living, relaxed environments, friendly friends and beautiful scenery? To that rhetorical question I answer "We have yet to find a place." You may wonder at that reply given that we have never been out of New Zealand and so have nothing to compare it to. We do not, however, intend or expect to find that such a place exists. If anything, therefore, the phrase must simply refer to the movement north from a position in the South.

We are just in the middle of packing our house up at present. Last night was New Years Eve and we partied like it was the weekend. We are still getting over the peanut butter and celery hangover. The bundaburg peachee was also rather hard hitting. It was all worth it though. As you all know it is important to bring in a new year with a raging party. Anyway, now we are working on pricing all our belongings and stacking them in the now non-moldy floor of the garage. Leaving a flat always provides a good excuse to tidy the place up. It is rather depressing, however, to see your once expensive household goods reduced to a small yellow sticker with a $3 or a $1 written on it.

Anyway, there is much to do and not much time to spend writing our first blog. Consequently, this will have to do. I trust that it will stand as a good starting point for our "New Zealand Experience".

Kind regards,
Joshua and Hannah
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Botanic Gardens - Christchurch
Botanic Gardens - Christchurch
Some random building on the other …
Some random building on the other…
The football fields yeah.
The football fields yeah.
photo by: Fulla