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The crab claw eating me at the misc. all you can eat seafood restaurant

So I get to florida and go to rent a car.  And the guy couldn't figure out why I didn't want a large sedan!!!  Or why I would want to put my friends in the back of a smaller sedan...my friends are fine with my civic...why should I cart them around in a boat of an impala?  So I go out to find the car...I've never rented one before, so this was an adventure...and I find a car with a ohio plate...I was like, that's the one for me.  People will think I'm just a stupid tourist if I make a wrong turn and I can atleast find it if it's in a lot full of other white cars. 

So I leave and call 411 to get the name of the hotel, the Rosen Shingle Creek, that my buddies are staying at and they connect me to the hotel.

at the Maroon 5 Concert at Hard Rock
..nobody at the airport knows where it is cuz it just opened up in september.  Well, I call and the woman at the hotel told me to go from the airport to the hotel I need to go east on the parkway and then get off exit 2 and turn left and I'd see it.  Well, I went that way and the exit numbers went higher...I turned around so many times on this excursion.  Then I get going in the right direction and get off exit 2 and turn left...yeah, I needed to go right.  But i get to the hotel and Matt (my friend from work) and I had another adventure.

So what I want to know is why are only chain food places open between noon and 1pm on international drive?  That's lunch time...we didn't want to go anywhere that we had in PA...that's boring...so after about 45 minutes of driving around we found a seafood place (for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.

Hard Rock Cafe
.. and I paid cash so it's not on any of my bank statements...) and Matt taught me how to eat crab legs...which was fun and Matt ate a lot...I have a lot of friends who should be fat but aren't...gotta love the metabolism! After dinner Matt wanted to stop off to get some beer because the bar at the hotel was way too expensive so we stop off at the local store (which was cool because in PA you have to go to a beer distributer because grocery or convenient stores to carry liquor) and head on our way back to the hotel.

So my next adventure was at the hotel.  My friend who lives down in Orlando never got a hold of me to get dinner that night and I didn't want to be alone for 4 hours while the 2100 award winners and their guests were at hard rock and a concert...so I did something about it.  I found someone with a 411 shirt on (which means ask me for help if you need it) and told them my story and worked my magic and got myself a guest badge for the night.

City Park in Universal
  So I got to go to the Hard Rock and eat a whole bunch of appetizers for dinner because they had a buffet for us with chicken fingers, potato skins, fruit, pasta and a meat.  And then we got to leave to get a free show from Maroon 5...which if you can go see them in concert it was a good show!!!

After the show I walked around city park???  I think that's  what it is, with my frind Chuck and his friend natalie and I danced in a plaza...it was bizarre, we did the cha cha, electric slide and the macarina...all songs that go on forever!!! And that get annoying after a while.

We finish hanging out and head back to the hotel and Chuck told me that they'd meet me down at the pool once I got changed.

Inside the Hard Rock
  I try to find the room that I'm in, which is hard because this hotel is huge!  And finally make my way down to the pool area... the only problem is there's an indoor pool, 3 out door pools, and a hot tub.... I figured since it's warm in Orlando they weren't at the indoor so I try my luck with the out door... and what luck is it always... it's always the last place you look in which you find what, or whom, you're looking foor! 


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The crab claw eating me at the mis…
The crab claw eating me at the mi…
at the Maroon 5 Concert at Hard Ro…
at the Maroon 5 Concert at Hard R…
Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe
City Park in Universal
City Park in Universal
Inside the Hard Rock
Inside the Hard Rock
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