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So I'm sleeping in one of the wonderous beds at the hotel when my phone rings... it's 2AM and I have to get up at 4:30 to make it to the airport and guess who it is... it's my friend who said she wanted to get a hold of me... I push ignore and look over to make sure I didn't wake my friend in the next bed who was gracious enough to let me take over part of his room.  Nothing... he's fine. 

My alarm goes off... I bolt out of bed and get into my rental  car (which only Matt and I used so I definitely didn't need a large sedan) and found my way back to the airport.  I go wait in line and finally get my boarding pass. 

At the gate I go up to check in.. and find out that there is only one seat left on the plane... the 11 flight that I wanted was totally over booked (that's the one I originally wanted because I work at 2PM and I can just zip over to work and sleep in in the morning)... the one strange thing about flights is I came to Orlando on the 27th, and booked the flight on the 25th... on that day both flights were wide open.  So I sit nervously and finally they call my name to board and I'm relieved and sleep up to Baltimore for my connection!

This trip is when I found out that flying is just an awesome way of life rather than more of a luxury... I got to Baltimore and I was seated in the aisle and a man was in the window next to me.  I look back and see a man with a row all to himself and ask if he's going to use the window.  He said no that he prefers the aisle and I ask if I can take the seat.  He asked me if this was one of my first time flying and I told him no, that I'm tire and need to sleep.  He assured me that there was no way I could fall asleep since it was such a short flight (it was like an hour or so).  Well, I got up, moved to the window curl up with my pillow.  Bam... I'm out before the plane takes off.  I wake up when the plane hits the tarmack and the man next to me was astounded...  a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 


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photo by: Reephboy