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    Hi everyone!

Everything is going great, I am having a wonderful time. Yesterday I had a bit of a fever but today I feel alot better. I am in class monday thru friday 8-12. I get up everyday at 7 am and walking by 745 to school with Kristin my housemate. It takes us about 10-15 minutes to walk to class. I am in the beginning 2 class which is exactly where I should be! I love my teacher she is very sweet. She speaks very slow which is exactly what I need. MY house mom is wonderful, while we are school everyday she cleans our rooms, makes our beds, cooks us dinner, and does our laundry. When we wake up at 7 she has fresh mango, banana, papaya, strawberries and pineapple waiting for us. In the evening we usually eat dinner around 8 and then play a little bingo with the youngest daughter, Marianna 8. I am going to bed at 10 every night so that I have enough sleep to wake up at 7 and be nice to people! The school and many public buildings are open air buildings with open ceiling or no walls, even the back part of our house is like this. I walk out of my bed room and there is a tree and hammock right next to me with our a ceiling!! Kristin and I just figured out how to use the showers today, we did not get how they worked but now hopefully we dont have to take freezing cold showers!! I forgot my charger for my computer at home,  but I just now met a girl with the same charger as me!!!! I am very happy because tomorrow I can charge my computer during class and then upload pictures of my Tico family, my tico house, and school. I dont live in downtown San Jose, I live in a small suburb called Zapote. They do not have street names or addresses only landmarks and colors of the home and gate. My house is yellow and has a black gate. All of the houses are gated, it makes you think they are dangerous but really it is just how things are here I guess...

I am going on a trip this weekend to the Pacific ocean with my group an I am very excited to spend the day on the beach!!! I am very happy but miss everyone already. I am excited for the upcoming visits!!! I am sure I wont have any time to get lonely. I am very happy with my Tico family, and Kristin, plus everyone here wants to meet people and make friends also. I promise to get pictures up soon.

Love, Katie
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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira