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At the Thunersee

Hello everybody!

First of all I have to say my Englisch (writing) is terrible, so I'm sorry if there are some stupid mistakes...I hope you still understand what I'm writing about.

So: Switserland!

Since I was born my family took me (and later my younger brother) to Switserland. We always went to the same place, Interlaken...or actually Unterseen. We always stay at the same house, by the same lovely lady we called 'oma' (translation: grandma). Until she died we kept comming to here place...sometimes 3 or 4 times a year. We all enjoyed it. After she died we found another place: Därligen, that's nearby.
The things I really love about Switserland, and especially that part of Switserland (Berner Oberland):
* The mountains are gigantic! You can feel so small there (I'm small I know) but also very free.

near Stechelberg

* The people are really nice and friendly.
* Walking in the mountains is great...you've all seen 'the sound of music'?  The hills are alive!!.....*sings out very loud*
* There are so many beautifull places around Interlaken
* The language (it's Swiss German - and German -)

There are many places where you can go for a good walk!
1) Grindelwald - first
You can choose to walk uphill to First, but you can also take the 'gondel' and later walk downhill. We already walked here since we were very small...so safe to do with small children. Last time I was there they had something new...go downhill from the middle station on some kind of bike (trottibike) . I'm to scared to try it...so nog review on that! Besides walking just downhill or uphill you can also make alot of other tours on the top. You can walk to the Bachalpsee (a lake) and to other mountains.
The cows taking over the street...

2) Kleine Scheidegg
This is the train connection to the Jungfraujoch, but also very good for walking. Realy beautiful is the walk in the direction of the gletchers!
The view you get from the 3 famous mountains (Eiger, Munch, Jungfrau).... You can also walk all the way down to Grindelwald, Wengen or Lauterbrunnen. You can also walk to Männlichen, an easy walk (4 km, so about 1h, 30m) with beautiful panoramas.
You can walk this with small children, but also with older people. My grandparents walked here last time...(they never walk...to old they say)
It's very touristic, so it can be crowdy.
3) Stechelberg
This is not an easy walk....this is working hard! We've walked here for 8 hours and never reached our goal.
Somewhere in the mountains
We had to turn around because we were tired and it was getting too late. We want to reach the goal one day...but last time we didn't even try. You need to be in a good condition.
4) Unterseen
The old town of Unterseen is beautifull. You can walk beside the water...'Aare' and feed the ducks, you can see the old buildings...
5) Lombach
Lombach is the water thats comming from the mountains. You can walk beside it and you can swim in it (but be carefull...). You can walk from Unterseen to the Lombach and then follow it till it ends in the lake (Thunersee)

Well...I think that's enough for now...
If you have questions you can always ask me and I'll try to answer them.

See you around!

sylviandavid says:
Hello: I like your blogs..... So great that you are writing blogs already! ..... Don't worry about the spelling.... this is a travel site not a spelling site so no one cares.... :~) sylvia
Posted on: Dec 30, 2007
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At the Thunersee
At the Thunersee
near Stechelberg
near Stechelberg
The cows taking over the street...
The cows taking over the street...
Somewhere in the mountains
Somewhere in the mountains
A beautiful butterfly
A beautiful butterfly
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photo by: sherryshakarob