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My earliest recollection of the Blarney stone was when I was 8 years old, I was browsing on a copy of a  How&Why ChildCraft book. My attention was caught by a picture of a person lying down on his back and kissing a wall, which turns out to be the Blarney stone. Reading the whole story about the Blarney stone left me wondering how does it feel to be kissing the stone in a peculiar manner and wouldn’t it be nice to get the gift of gab, so that I can ask my  parents to buy me the toys I want.

Fast forward, work has called me to the Emerald Isle, but the story was totally forgotten. On my arrival, I asked a friend if there are any attraction that I can go, somewhere near Co.Cork. and the reply was , as we know  it, Blarney.


We were already on the way to the bus, when I realized that this was the stone that I read when I was still a kid (young and innocent :p). I started to feel excited; despite the light rain showers that almost made us cancel the trip.


The trip to the Blarney Castle is only 15 minutes from the cork city centre. Others might find the place too touristy with the long queue (probably longer in spring/summer) and an 8 Euros entrance fee is a steep price. I even heard a gramps telling-off his granddaughter (probably 4-5 y/o) that he couldn’t believed he paid 8 euros for her and that he should have paid only 4. :P


I was also in a tight budget, but will I let the entrance fee and queue dishearten me to feel what I was musing years ago? (plus if I received the gift of eloquence, my job would be much easier  and the bragging rights would be  very HIP :p)  Definitely not. So off  I go, with a mental note to scrimp on my next week allowance  hehehe


To be fair with the management, you don’t just go there just to, well…, see the castle and the stone. On summer/spring the Blarney House Castle and the Garden is open. One can also go for a picnic and take a light trek on the mystical Rock Close. Or perhaps pass time near the Lake and look for the phantom salmon.


Please note that i need to change the date on the suceeding entries, so that the system will allow me to segregate my thoughts and pics as it was opt to be



the_bloodsucker says:
love this! :-)
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008
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photo by: hanleyscot