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Our new Mexican friend Armando had some interesting things to say about the beggars in Mexico - that however much money they make, of course they're not going to buy clothes and look clean because then they won't look the part and make any money.  They made a film about these people and some of them made more than the average worker did per day.  He even said that they take vacations and fly to Acapulco then come back and start begging again.  To give he said is to hurt them.  "Don't give a man a fish, give him the fishing line!"  

Well another Christmas day is over and almost like every other day in my travels, something different and new to experience. Spent Christmas eve with Alexander (we met him in a restaurant) and his aunty, uncle and sisters.  Mexicans celebrate their main Christmas dinner and opening of presants on Christmas eve.  We enjoyed an unusual dinner of nopal cactus and sweet potato and some other stringy green stuff in a brown gravy.  Also a hot fruit punch containing sugar cane pieces, dates, apricots etc.  After they finished opening their presants they gave Naomi and I some gifts. Two 1950 silver coins from the aunty's deceased fathers coin collection, a handbag and a framed box containing an owl made from 5 peso notes.  We both felt we didn't deserve such gifts considering we'd just met these people!  But this is the way of the Mexican people we've met so far.  How lucky we've been travelling in this country.  After the dinner we went to some friends of Alexanders to quite a subdued party where everyone was stoned.  An unusual house, quite old and cold.  Parts of it damaged by the earthquake.  The grandmother of one of the guys was living in the house, she was very old and obviously not well.  The bathroom was an eye opener (as the majority of toilets in Mexico!!) with peeling paint, an old furnace and smelling sourly of urine. We spent the night sleeping on the cold floor and awoke around 11am after about 3 hours sleep.  Took some blankets up on to the roof to enjoy the morning sun and quite an unpolluted sky.  His friend served us lunch of mushy tortillas, cheese, chiles and tomato.  I tried but couldn't eat it cause all I could smell was the strong urine odour permeating the house.  I told him that I didn't feel well as I didn't want to offend our host.  Most definately a strange Christmas lunch and I thought of my own family at home eating roast lamb, turkey and ham with all the trimmings. They would have had my photo on the Christmas table and probably wondering where I was and what I was eating. 


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