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August 10th – August 14th

It had been quite a full week up to now. We really had only one thing left on our itinerary, to see our beloved Denver Broncos play a pre-season game in Tempe, AZ. We spent the next five days doing mostly nothing. Margo got us caught up on laundry and I helped Dennis around the apartment area.

I had worked as window glazer for a year and there were several screens and a window that needed repaired. So I took care of those. After working in the hot sun finishing the window, Dennis brought me out an ice cold Dos XXs Amber. We, actually it was his beer, but he offered me a sip. I’d never had a dark beer before. I always preferred Millers or Coors. Big mistake, that sip turned into a drink, then a gulp, and then I drained it. Man, that was good. He just laughed and got himself another. I was hooked. I have been drinking Dos XXs, Killians, and Sam Adams ever since.

But it wasn’t all work. On Wednesday, (the 12th) Dennis and I took in a Padres game at Jack Murphy Stadium. This was the first MLB game I had ever attended. We didn't have a pro baseball team in Denver, back then. We had the minor league Denver Bears. When I had lived in Gerogia, we didn't have a lot of money, and Dad wasn't big on traveling, even though he loved baseball. So we never made it up to Atlanta to catch a game there. But today that would change. We watched Zane Smith of the Braves handle the Padres. But we did get to see future Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn get a couple of hits. But, that wasn’t unusual. It would have been out of the ordinary if he had gone 0-5. Another night we all went bowling. Dennis had an acquaintance that hung around him and called him Mongoloid Phil. I was quite proud of myself for getting the joke when I saw him. Dennis said I was the first to get it. For those of you who haven’t sent Phil he has the classic appearance of someone who is what we used to call mentally retarded. Phil wasn’t. He had normal intelligence and abilities. But, that didn’t stop Dennis from abusing him a bit. Yes, us guys are cruel. But, we bond in strange ways.

Margo was sick part of this time. We never did figure out what she had or where she picked it up, but she was content to stay around the apartment with Jolene and play a lot of the time. Dennis and I didn’t go out each night. Most nights we stayed at home, cooked or barbequed, and talked into the night. We didn’t run out of subject to discuss. One of which was the upcoming football season. John Elway would be starting his fifth season with the Broncos and we were all waiting for his breakout year. Dennis was born in AZ, and when we hear that the Broncos were going to play a preseason game there (in hopes of showing the NFL that Arizona could support a pro team) we decided we had to go. As I still lived in Colorado, I secured tickets. Getting away tickets for a preseason game was surprisingly easy. Regular season games are sold out at the beginning of the year, and scalpers or knowing someone is your best bet. I had availed myself of either to that point, so I had always watched the Broncos on TV. But, with tickets in hand that was going to change this weekend. The only think left to decide was how to get there. We decided on a road trip.  

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