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Today, I am going to see my first NFL game in person. Yes, I’ve led a sheltered live and Yes, it’s preseason, but if you’re going to rain on my parade I’ll be forced to point out that I’ve spent the last two weeks having a great time in Southern California and you’ve had to work. Anyway, there were still a few hurdles to overcome. First, we all needed showers. That was part of the reason for stopping at Aunt Mary’s. The girls got to use the real shower in the house and the rest of either made due with the RV or did without. Then there is the matter of us still being in the wrong city. Tucson is about two hours south of Phoenix. The game was slated for this evening, so we had plenty of time, even though we had exactly risen with the Arizona dawn.  So after we were up, showered, and had gotten something to eat, we climbed up in the RV and off we went.


The game was to be played at Sun Devils Stadium in Tempe, AZ, property of Arizona State University, and hot as hell. Football is a winter sport for a reason. The players have to where enough padding and uniform to protect them collisions that would total your average Volkswagen. So it is best that nature provide air conditioning. Take my word for it; the parking lot of Sun Devil’s Stadium, in August has no air conditioning. Luckily we both had reason to where lots of cloths, nor were we forbidden from quenching our thirst as we lounged around. That lounging had commenced at about 4 PM. We came prepared to tailgate with a grill, some hamburgers and hot dogs, and a variety of other picnic like foods. There were other fans with the same idea, and we wandered around a little too. We found very few Cheeseheads (fans of the Green Bay Packers, the Broncos opponent today), so we were unable to ridicule them in the manner at which they had been accustomed of late. Green Bay’s powerhouse days were twenty years in the past, and Brett Favre would be a college sophomore in 1987. But we did find some Kansas City Chiefs fans, who must have been lost, and we traded some barbs with them.


After hamburgers, hot dogs, and beer, David made up a banner for us to unfurl in the stadium. It had the very original slogan of “Elway for President” But, what the hell, we were proud of it anyway. The game itself went fine, in that Denver won 20-14. But it was still a preseason game, and starters didn’t play the whole game. And you knew it really didn’t count. But we had a great time anyway.


Afterwards, we drove to the airport shuttle parking lot to camp. Margo, Jolene, & I were flying home from Phoenix, and all the others were heading back to San Diego. So we finished off the night discussing the game, drinking, and trying to play some game that involved famous people’s initials. We eventually made it to sleep. When we got up the next morning, still dressed in our Broncos regalia, we looked like hell. But the Arizona natives were impressed. We got comments all through the airport about how hard core we must have been. We had traveled all the way from Denver and looked like we had stayed up all night afterwards. Maybe we were hard core. :>)

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photo by: Africancrab