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Jessi at the Children's Museum in San Diego. She is holding the baby that belongs in the incubator

Today we were heading home. You hope when you’re traveling back home by air, there are no memorable stories to tell. And in our case, there aren’t. After we finished packing, we ate, and checked out. We still had several hours before we needed to be at the airport, so we took the kids to The Children’s Museum San Diego. We really didn’t know exactly what to expect. But, as it turned out it what I would describe as a real world, hands on play area. It was like the kids got turned loose in a part of the adult world and then would get to touch and play with the things that would ordinarily be forbidden to them.

We started out in a dentist’s office. There was a chair and the sink-on-a-swivel that the doc could bring up to you or swing out of the way. These weren’t state of the art technological pieces, but the kids still enjoyed climbing in the chair and moving the sink.

Jessi. Another Children's Museum exhibit. I just wish I could remember which one

There were many other rooms, or areas. One room had a couple of desks set up, like in an office. They had phones. One had an old typewriter. In front of one of the desks was an old hand operated switchboard. It looked to be something out of the 1940s. The kids could pull the cords out of one socket and put them in another. There was a headset and a rotary dial to as well.

Another room was a pediatric room from a hospital. It came complete with a rubber baby and an incubator. On a table in the room were various doctors’ smocks so the kids could pretend to be doctors.

Still another room had more cloths to play dress up, and a puppet stage. The kids could play act in their new cloths, or put on a sock puppet and put on a show on the stage.

Going Home. We had a great time!

One room was the TV studio for KKID News, where your kid could be the anchorman. I kinda made Jolene do a news report for me. She was very cute. They had a script made up, and she just had to read it, and fill in a few blanks. She got through it, but she was embarrassed the whole time.

There was an area for Blindfold Tic Tac Toe. There was a large, probably 3 foot square, board on the wall. It was divided up into a tic tac toe board. The facing was a cloth, but underneath must have been metal. The “Xs” and “Os” were about a foot tall, and had magnets on the back. We blindfolded Jolene and she had a good time going from the board to the box of X/Os, and trying to arrange them. Little sister, Jessi, wanted in on the act, but she kept cheating to see, by pulling down the blindfold. So we just took it off, and turned her loose.

Jessi on the plane
She never did get three in a row; she just loved sticking them on the board.

The kids kept gravitating back to the dress up-puppet show room. They would alternate between doing a short, non-verbal show, to trying on all of these various cloths. Jessi, in particular delighted in finding the largest shoes to prance around in.

They found a couple of other rooms in the two hours we were there. On was a painting room. On a wall they had a large paper canvas. Then on the table they had several cans of water colors and brushes. There were old men’s shirts to put on, to keep their cloths clean. Then if was off to discover their inner Van Gogh.

The last room, Margo enjoyed as much as the girls, had PVP like pipes and connectors, so you could build things.

Jolene on the plane. She didn't want her picture taken
Margo and Jessi first constructed a basic table. They were very proud of that. Then they modified their design and build a box, complete with lid. Jessi was supposed to get in and jump out to surprise me. But, she just kind of pushed the top off and then stood up. Of course the huge grin on her face made it obvious she thought she had jumped out of the cake.

The two hours passed pretty quickly, but we had to get going. It was about 2 PM when we left for the airport.

That was pretty much it. We really packed this vacation about as full as you dared, especially with two small children. But they were great. Hardly any crying or arguments. No fits or bad attitudes. Except for being tired all the time, we couldn’t have asked for more.

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Jessi at the Childrens Museum in …
Jessi at the Children's Museum in…
Jessi. Another Childrens Museum e…
Jessi. Another Children's Museum …
Going Home. We had a great time!
Going Home. We had a great time!
Jessi on the plane
Jessi on the plane
Jolene on the plane. She didnt wa…
Jolene on the plane. She didn't w…
Jolene celebrated her 7th birthday…
Jolene celebrated her 7th birthda…
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