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Me, holding Jessi, Sister Stephanie (my Aunt) & Jolene

In the summer of 1991 my baby, Jessica, was 2 1/2 years old. My older daughter, Jolene, was almost 7. Margo and I figured as we did not take a vacation the prior year, and my best friend was living in San Diego, so why not go to Southern California this year? We could take the kids to Disneyland, see the sights, and generally have a good time. So it was decided. We would head to the LA area, do the amusment parks and then drive down to San Diego.

Jolene had flown before, back in 1987, but she was still excited about it. Jessi had not flown, but she was excited too. Margo and I were both a little worried about Jessi would react to flying.

Jessi and the Duck Grave
She is well behaved, but what two year old likes to sit still for two plus hours? But, she always did well on car trips, so we weren't too worried. We got to the airport and got boarded. Jessi was OK with the seatbelt, the people, and all of the hub bub around her. It ended up being just like a ride at the carnival when the plane left the ground. She looked out the window and enjoyed the whole thing. Her older sister did her share of looking about as well. She was always well behaved when we traveled, and just enjoyed all the new things. Not long after we reached cruising altitude and the Captain turned off the seat belt signs, Jessi was unbuckled, standing in her seat and looking over her seat at the people behind her. Margo scolded her a bit, but the people just thought it was cute.
My girls and the Duck Grave

We landed and made our way to luggage claim. We got our bags and picked up our rental car. Then it was off to our hotel. This was our first time driving in Los Angeles. But, everything went well. We made it straight to our hotel and checked in.  From there we went to a convent. Yes, I know. That is what everyone does when they go to Los Angeles. They go seek out nuns. I had a special reason. My Aunt is a Carmelite sister, and she was currently assigned to the convent in Alahambra. So it was off we went. My Aunt, Sister Stephanie, was very happy to see us. She only gets to visit family once every three years, and not every year was I able to see her. But, we had a very nice visit, with her showing us the grounds, including the grave of a duck, that used to live there. Jolene and Jessi were more interested in that than anything else.

With the travel and visiting there was not much time to do anything else that day. And we were tired. So we ate, watched a little TV and then tried to put Jessi to bed. Jessi is a real homebody. At 2 1/2 she had yet to spend a full night away from us. She would get homesick for her own bed and ask grandma to take her back home. Well, when it came time for bed, she did not fail to notice that the hotel was not home. So once Margo got her all tucked in, Jessi let her mother know that she was ready to go home now. Margo explained that it was too far, and we had to stay here. Her response was to point out that we had a car outside, so we could just drive home.  But, she must have been tired, because she didn't put up much more of a fight, and we all went to sleep.

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Me, holding Jessi, Sister Stephani…
Me, holding Jessi, Sister Stephan…
Jessi and the Duck Grave
Jessi and the Duck Grave
My girls and the Duck Grave
My girls and the Duck Grave