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I'm in texas, and I've survived any family spats thusfar. It's been a pretty close call a few times, but no actual bloodshed and most everyone is still speaking. We drove to Chicago and checked into the hotel. I talked myself out of packing a bathing suit for some reason (it is winter, and I'm staying with my sister... so swimming seemed a rediculous notion). Ergo, tank and some shorts it was for the hot tub.

At the moment, we just had some great BBQ and sweet tea from Rudy's. (not a bit BBQ fan...but seriously, when in Texas I'd suggest getting some from people who think "If you don't have BBQ places, what do y'all eat?." It's a thing.

It's... nice being back, somewhat nostalgic in an odd way. I only spent a month and a half here, but I recognize things in ways that my family doesn't, (other than my sister). I've driven around a little more, know a few more people, etc. There's apparently a big shindig on New Year's, and that ought to be exciting. At the moment it's my brother and I playing Gutiar Hero Three... which is, in all seriousness, rocking my socks off. Look, there they go. My mom and sister went out to buy pillows and sheets and towels so we can co-habitate in this little apartment with a grand total of 7 people. Unfortunately, my mother is now sick... so her dramatic problems are epic and guilt-ridden as ever. Dad's asleep, and all of us at some point have wanted to shoot him. Love him dearly and all, but if someone is on a plane sleeping, wearing ear plugs... it may not be a good idea to wake them up after no sleep in the hotel to tell them "look! Care-a-lot land!" at the sight of clouds.

Things seem pretty laid back for this trip, which is nice. I'm crazy psyched to see my nephew when Mike gets home from work and picks him up from daycare!

I really need to practice... and other such productive things.
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