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San Diego Zoo. The greatest zoo in the world

San Diego - home of the Anchor Man - don't worry, I'm not going to fill the blog with a load of quotes, though it would be fun!

We flew into San Diego via Denver and by this stage of the trip, we just wanted some beach time.  We decided to splash out a bit here and get a really comfy hotel by Ocean beach.  This is a nice beach where you can chill and do a bit of bathing, or splash about in the Pacific.  It was more of a traditional holiday resort here, and that was fine by me!  The food is fab - tried some Mexican, and definitely recommend it, being so close to Mexico, some of the cuisine was bound to rub off.

There's not a lot to report from me in San Diego.

This baby giraffe was just 8 days old.
  Like I said, just wanted some beach time and nights out getting pissed.  I also got to do a bit of shopping - it's a lot cheaper than in England!  It's gereat for that.  The beach fronts are loaded with tourists and are lively, but in the city itself, we headed to the Gas Lamp district which was very cool.

The best thing in San Diego is the zoo.  Oh my god!  It is massive.  We took a day to get around, but it was a day very well spent.  The hghlights for me were Jabba the hippo, some pandas (which were as cute as a button), and, due to fortunate timing, an 8-day old baby giraffe - arrgghhh :).

It was here the road trip started.  I went down to the airport and found Avis and fell in love with a Mustang.  It had only done 100 miles on the clock when I got my hands on it.

  This was soon to change as I entered the I8 and I10 to Tuscon for the first stop...

Now, picture this, UK rounds are congested everywhere, there are speed traps all over the place, and the distance between places is on the whole very short (compared to the US).  I've just rented a big, fast car and have a lot of ground to cover.  The roads aren't too congested, so I put my foot down a bit.  This car was great to drive, but needless to say, it was only a matter of time before I met highway patrol.  A good telling off later, and I decide that 75 mph is a fair speed limit and stick to it (well until I reached the desert and completely empty roads for as far as the eye can see). 

We had to stay overnight in a motel, and these are great in the US.  You get a big room, big beds, TV, bathroom etc with a breakfast for about $40.  I recommend these to any roadtripper - Comfort Inns, and all the other motel chains, are absolute value for money. 

Tuscon was a quick stop for us to meet my housemate from University (he's moved to the States) and his family (he had twins just a few weeks before we got there).  There were so sweet.

Anyway the road trip carried on into Flagstaff and from there we went to the Canyon.

Bondy2007 says:
Haha i got pulled over in a bright yellow convertable Mustang whilst i was in Texas!
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
JeAr says:
now this is what i'm talking about! i love them animals! wish i can go to this zoo someday...
Posted on: May 16, 2008
matthew says:
I did have a burrito for breakfast! Lovely - I'd never tried them before San Diego, but I'm now a big fan.
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008
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San Diego Zoo.  The greatest zoo i…
San Diego Zoo. The greatest zoo …
This baby giraffe was just 8 days …
This baby giraffe was just 8 days…
Jabba! My favorite resident
Jabba! My favorite resident
San Diego
photo by: Sunflower300