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From the Canyon we went to Vegas and just partied until stupid o'clock.

Vegas - yay.  Another place everyone knows a lot about and so many people have been to, or want to go to.  This city is pure entertainment, but be careful not to stay too long as you'll probably find the money quickly drys up in the heat!  It was here that I got a little bit concerned about the credit card suffering an untimely max out.

We knew that this part of the trip was going to cost us, so instead of forking out on one of the big hotels, and being too close to the big gambling, we thought it'd be a safer option to stay downtown in Old Vegas.  I know the point of going to Vegas is to spend your money, not think too much about it, have a blast, and worry about the pennies later, but we still had a lot of travelling ahead, and some big plans for LA.

Don't go in here. It eats your money!
  Well, that was the plan...

The city is purpose built for bright lights and entertainment, so we just got stuck into it.  On the first night we thought fine, play a few games on the slots, have a few drinks, sit at the tables, and wait for the money to run dry.  It did - fast!  I'm never going back into the Bellagio again.  I did better in New York, New York, but the damage was already done.  All that was left was for the MGM to finish me off.  I had to make another cash withdrawal on the first night, after overspending the total budget, just so I could get a cab back! 

Vegas is clever.  In any of the casinos you will not see a clock.  They also plow you with free drinks (I'm not complaining about that, but there are consequences when it come to being sensible on the tables).

  The place knows no time limits, and so pissed up and skint, I stumbled into a cab, and went to bed feeling a bit sorry for myself at 6am.

The next night, we walked towards the strip so we could see the chapels.  It's $99 to get hitched! (that's about £50 at time of writing).  If I ever feel like being a tight arse with Mrs Wrong - I know where I'm going! 

We thought we'd go see the shows and a bit of the clubs instead of gambling.  This proved to be quite a good decision.  Each hotel has got it's own glory as they try and out do each other.  The aquarium in the Mandalay (Shark Reef) is cool, but they've all got rides and shows and stuff to do.  The food is fab at all the hotels, and there are so many options.

  We managed to go to quite a few of the bars and clubs, but the hotels are just so big, you just end up lost.  We though we did quite well to get some time in the Mandalay, Luxor, and Caesar's Palace.   I was hoping to get a look around the Venetian and the Mirage, but we simply ran out of time (and more important disposable money).

If you've got the money, you can have a great time in Vegas, but for me I spent too much, too fast and was I ready for some time out on the beach in San Fran.  That's not to say I didn't enjoy it.  This was one of the best experiences of the trip and I've already got plans to go back - this time better prepared!

As it happens, we did end up back in Vegas just a few hours after leaving!  We got towed back after the Mustang died.  A valuable lesson in refueling was learnt here - in the UK, green is unleaded and black is diesel.  This is not the case in America.  After 2 days of pretty solid drinking with minimal sleep (we had to leave the hotel at 11am - the worked out to be roughly 4 hours sleep) we got found out with a schoolboy error.  Anyway, put it down to experience; get to Avis; say a quick thank you to god for taking out the insurance; swap the cars over and hit the road. 

RJ82 says:
go vegas!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2008
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