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Hollow Mountain.


Our whole first day was going to be spent driving. We left Brighton, after topping off the tank and picking up a few last minute snacks, sometime around 6 AM in the Nova, towing our brand new pop up camper.

We stopped at Dillon, CO, just past the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70, where it had been snowing a little. Snow in the Colorado mountains, in April is normal. We had been praying for good weather, because a blizzard was as likely to happen as not. The snow was not why we pulled over, though. We pulled over to rearrange. When you travel with kids, you have to rearrange things. It’s the law. Later I would later curse this stop, but I didn’t know it yet. When we stopped in Grand Junction, CO for gas, a couple of hours later, I discovered my wallet was missing. We were in something short of a panic. Margo had most of the cash in her purse, so we could continue with the trip. But my driver's license and credit cards were gone. We looked everywhere and when we couldn’t find it, I were sure that it was sitting beside the road back near the Eisenhower Tunnel, 170 miles ago. We had just resigned ourselves to calling the credit card companies to cancel the cards, when Margo found it. It was in her big bag. When she went to look for her copy of the credit cards to get the phone number, and there it was. She had put it there when I handed it to her after getting gas way back in Brighton.


With wallet in hand and feeling we had had our big hiccup of the trip, we were back on the road. The girls were behaving marvelously. Jolene has always handled road trips well. We would take games, books, and such for her to amuse herself and she would be perfectly content to play with them or sleep. She rarely asked the dreaded “Are we there, yet” question, and would go to the bathroom at each stop without a hassle. That’s a rule on a Kretzer Road Trip. If the car stops, you pee. Never pass up the chance. We were a bit worried about Jessi. But we needed have. She slept most of the time and fussed very little. I don't think she cried more than a few seconds at anyone stretch.


We drove all the way to Hanksville, UT before we stopped again. At Hanksville is a gas station called Hollow Mountain. It has a pump area and then the convenience store portion of the business is built right into the side of the mountain. Pretty cool looking. It has a regular double glass front door. I would imagine that it took some precise work to get both the opening and the doors close enough in fit, to make that work. Gassed up and on our way, we were at Bullfrog Marina, on the NE side of Lake Powell about an hour and a half later. It was roughly 4 PM

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Hollow Mountain.
Hollow Mountain.
photo by: walterman9999