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The Star Plunge (photo courtesy of City of Thermopolis)

By the time I had finished making the non-existent fish of the Shoshone laugh, and be on our way it was past noon. The girls had eaten some snacks while I rusted lures, and I did a bit of that as we drove. We didn’t want to eat a heavy meal right now, because once we got to Thermopolis we would be swimming in the mineral pools there.


We arrived in Thermopolis around 2 PM, and entered Hot Springs State Park, and found a place called The Star Plunge. We didn’t have any experience with natural hot springs so, other than having our swim suits and anticipating hot water, we didn’t know what to expect. We soon discovered that Star Plunge was a kind of hybrid, part natural spring, part swimming pool. The owners, evidently many years ago, had built their water park, in stages around a natural hot spring. The spring fed the many (I don’t recall how many) pools that they have. They had at least one, large, outdoor pool, and at least a couple inside.


We got changed and swam and splashed for awhile. Every pool was fed by the hot spring. You could tell this by the sulfurous smell that assaulted you everywhere you went. You got used to it more, or less. But, both Margo and I were concerned about how we would smell when finished up. There were areas in one of the pools that very rough on the bottom and sides. These had to be part of the natural, original spring. Margo and the girls spent most of their time in the main pool, inside, and the smaller pool nearby. I also enjoyed those, but also wandered into the vapor cave. There the room was very warm and had signs warning me not only to limit how long I was in there, but to “Please do your lovin’ at home.” I would, thanks.


We spent an hour or so at Star Plunge swimming and then showering up afterwards. The pit stop had done us some good. We had gotten a nice break after two hours in the car, and we had a little bit to eat at their snack bar. But, we had to get a move on. We were spending the night in Casper, WY, and that was still over two hours away.

williamsworld says:
I have great memories of this place too.
Posted on: Sep 30, 2009
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The Star Plunge (photo courtesy of…
The Star Plunge (photo courtesy o…
photo by: ChristiPope