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Me and My Girls

Saturday, August 12, 1995


We had a lonnnnnnnnng day ahead of us. There were 9 ½ hours of drive time, plus pit stops for gas, food, snacks, and just to get out of the damn car. I was figuring we would be on the road for 11 hours. This will have been the longest day I will have spent on the road since we moved to Colorado, from Georgia, back in 1973. Strangely enough, I was not dreading the drive. Last year has shown that the girls travel very well. They had both discovered the transcendental travel abilities of sleep. You fall asleep in Ft. Lupton and wake up in Cheyenne.

It’s magic!


We got an early start, being on the road by about 7 AM. Our plan is always to drive as far as we can until someone’s bladder starts to complain. Then it’s everyone out and everyone pees. This time frame last from one to three hours, but two is the average. I’m sure that is sacrilege to many, but car trips are boring. Even when there is something to see, it’s usually gone in moment. If it’s something of geological size, the novelty wears off. One beautiful mountain is as pretty as the next. So, stopping to break the boredom every couple of hours does not seem like a tragedy to me.


Our first break came about 1 ½ hours of travel, when we got to Cheyenne. This turned out to be an extended pit stop as Margo had to pick up some forgot item, and we stopped at a Safeway to be sure of finding it.

Jolene (the worst school picture she ever took)
So, with a bit longer break than I had hoped for, we were back on our way.


Break number two came at Douglas, WY, where we stopped at Arby’s for lunch. It was only about 11:30. Instead of averaging 50 miles per hour, we had done more like 60. Margo’s lead foot and the endless Wyoming plains no doubt contributed to that. We stopped an hour later at Powder River, WY and got gas. Less than an hour later we stopped for the fourth time, at Shoshoni, WY. Part of the reason for such a quick stop is that towns in Wyoming, with services, can be few and far between. The next town of any size was Thermopolis, and it was about another hour. It was probably me, but I don’t remember, that decided a pee break was in order. Filling the drive time with water and pop, probably helped with that decision.


We finally arrived at Aunt Helen’s house about 5 PM. Even with the extra stop, we had still had arrived an hour earlier than I had planned. Bonus. Hugs and kisses all around. Aunt Helen fussed over the girls and we were soon eating dinner. Aunt Helen had insisted on both feeding us and having us spend the night with them, while we were in Cody. She is great cook, which made this decision pretty easy. We spent the rest of the evening visiting. After the 475 miles on the road, it was going to be easy to make an early night of it, and we did.

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Me and My Girls
Me and My Girls
Jolene (the worst school picture s…
Jolene (the worst school picture …
photo by: DaveSwede