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One of the many mani walls I had become to dislike because there always so far from the path when you're going up and as a good Budhist or tourist you keep them to the right

The 82 year old campsite owner is very curious what all these foreigners are doing and he's so curious that he's sticking his head through the window to see some more of us which is funny as we initially come to see him and now we are the attraction of the day.


As Chabibbi our guide explained to us today was to be a short day, only 4-5 hours of walking compared to the 6-7 hours we have been doing the past few days it really looked like a short day on paper. We were going only as far as Namrung partly because Brian is not feeling well and because Namrung has a very nice looking guest house. We assumed that short equeals easy but we forgot that "Assumption is the mother of all fuckups".


Today we hear from Chabibbi that it will be a short day as we only go as farThe scenery as the days before, valleys more valleys, trees and the never missing BIG F&*^* steep climb up only to find out that you have to descend again, sigh. Chef leads us down to an easy trail, but in our case what goes down has to go up and up and up we go in the end to reach Namrung. If this was the easy trail I'm not dying to find out what the hard trail would be.
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One of the many mani walls I had b…
One of the many mani walls I had …
Still havent figured out what the…
Still haven't figured out what th…
More mani and mandalas
More mani and mandalas
Even for this little boy its a st…
Even for this little boy it's a s…
Water powered prayer wheel
Water powered prayer wheel
photo by: hyo
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