Day 7 - The smell of fear

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More bad news as we learn that we're not the only group trekking around mt. Manaslu. Apperantly there's a small German group consisting of 20 people including 16 porters and 1 guide just ahead of us. Chabibbi reckons that we well catch them this very dat and he is correct. The Germans are three nice middle aged women that paid well enough to have all the staff around them, it's back to the good old days, the days of gone by when every traveller had at least 10 porters for an expedition into the jungle or mountains: I am sooooo jealous!

The trail begins where it ended yesterday: spectacular. We had to climb two very steep cliffs where it's very hard to distinguish the trail from the non trail. In other words there was no trail anymore.

We had to climb over rocks to get up and even get past boulders blocking our way on the very very small trail that was high above the river. For me that's like a nightmare come true the only way not to panic was for me to get it done as fast as possible. The result is that everybody in the group thinks I'm a strong excellent climber but what they didn't know was that I almost pissed my pants and that was the first of the two steep climbs we had to do this day.

When I got to the second steep climb uphill and saw that the even smaller trail was hanging on a high buff it made me sick as the only way out of this track was completing it. Somehow a sweet old local woman must have smelled my fear and led the way up to safer high grounds. After some really audicious climbing we found out that Bihi Phedi is nothing more than a campsite and two little sheds and that the Germans arrived before us.

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Bihi Phedi
photo by: hyo