Day 3 - The quest for tiger balm

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May is the end of the high season or as they say the beginning of the monsoon months (June and July). When visiting Nepal in may it may rain or it may not, it all depends on your luck.Today we were down on our luck as the Nepali weather gods decided it was time for a good shower and they let the rain pour down from the sky on us. We waited in the guesthouse for the rain to slow down or hopefully to stop. Ofcourse it didn't and at 8.00 am (damn that moment) our guide (damn our guide) decided we should make a go for it as we might not get to Arughat today. On the bright side this was an excellent opportunity to test if the Northface knockoff bag I bought in Kathmandu the night before we left was waterproof; it wasn't.

We move at an almost neck breaking pace along the trail as we don't want to stay out that long in the rain, from the far we looked like a French TGV (Train de Grande Vitesse). Finally our little trekking train comes to a full stop at a little teahouse full of Gurkha men siping Nepali milk tea. We are offered some milk tea but for me there's nothing worse than having milk in my tea or coffee and if having milk in my tea isn't bad enough I found out that I had lost my fleece jacket to keep me warm on the Larkya pass (4900 meters).

Arughat is big enough to have more than one little shop and as everybody needed some tiger balm for all kinds of reasons we set out to find some. That was easier set than done, all we could manage to find was Chinese made red tiger balm that only made you smell like menthol but did nothing for the sour muscles. Finding good tiger balm soon became our holy grail and when we thought we should give up we found a pharmacist that had something like tiger balm and it was called Moov. I decided to join the Moov movement and made a bad joke to the pharmacist that it was made for cows and made the: Moo moo moo moov sound. He didn't get the bad joke as Brian did, he was laughing his pants off, and looked at me as I was suffering from a chronic case of Mad Cow Disease.

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Arughat Bazar
photo by: eefab